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15,000 to Celebrate Diwali

By: for The Asian Image on Oct. 19, 2011

Fifteen thousand are to celebrate Diwali in a blaze of Lights at Hare Krishna Temple.

15,000 people will come together at Bhaktivedanta Manor Hare Krishna temple near Watford to celebrate Diwali, the Festival of Lights on Sunday 23 October.

Highlights of the festival include colourful dances, plays and free vegetarian meals for everyone. The day will culminate at 6.15pm ,in one of the most spectacular Diwali firework displays in the Greater London area, followed by the release of hundreds of Chinese ‘peace’ lanterns.

The central theme of Diwali is the victory of good over evil and light over darkness - from the ancient Indian epic "Ramayana", when Lord Rama returns in victory after slaying the demon Ravana.

"Diwali is a time for family and for prayers, sacrifice and charity," said Temple President Srutdharma das. "Millions of Hindus around the world worship Lord Rama on this day by lighting lamps and sharing a sumptuous vegetarian feast with friends and neighbours".

After defeating the demon king Ravana, Lord Rama, with Lakshman, Sita, Hanuman and all the monkey warriors triumphantly returned to the city of Ayodhya so that Rama could claim the throne.

When they returned it was the new moon night: pitch black.

All the people, therefore, lit the way for the returning troops by hanging lamps, candles and fires along the route. In Ayodhya, they were greeted with millions of lights and fireworks. On this day, devotees remember how light will always triumph over darkness.

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