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Blazing Fire Destroys Cow Barn at Radhadesh

By: for ISKCON News on Feb. 8, 2013
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The blazing fire at Radhadesh
On February 3rd the cow barn at ISKCON Radhadesh, Belgium burnt to the ground. The reasons for the fire are not yet known.

Luckily, no one got badly hurt, just one of the cows got a few superficial burns.

Devotees spent the day calming the terrified animals and arranging a temporary shelter for them.

However, the shelter needs urgent improvement so that the cows can be comfortable during the rest of the winter.

Anyone wishing to help please visit: and scroll to the donate button at the bottom of the page.

This is what's left of the Radhadesh Goshalla (barn)

Devotees building temporary shelter for the cows.

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