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December 2010 Conference: Food, Farming, & Faith

By: on Feb. 18, 2010
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Balabhadra Dasa speaking on the importance of oxen.

Dear Devotees:

Members and supporters of ISKCON agricultural communities are invited to participate in a 3 -1/2 Day conference in the first week of December (exact dates to be determined after hearing back from interested persons). Already committed is Radha Krishna das from the Eco-Village ISKCON farm in Hungary. A partial goal of this conference is to introduce and study methods of practical sustainability in current day ISKCON agri projects or future projects and to define how our philosophy meets real life in practice. It is planned to facilitate a limited number of interested persons in order to maximized interactions, exchanges, learning and sharing of the same. We'd especially like to invite younger generation members to participate with the distinct hope of inspiring them towards a more simple fulfilling life-style in the near future. We also welcome those who might wish to offer a presentation or workshop to contact us (see below).

The venue will be ISKCON New Vrindaban, West Virginia and registration will include meals and accommodation. Some non-ISKCON people from the secular world who are expert in various areas related to the Conference will be invited to share their knowledge and skills. Please respond indicating your interest and possible attendance asap. As indicated, the number of participants will be limited (approximate 35 attendees).

You may call: 304-845-9591 after Feb. 20 th or e-mail for further information or with your suggestions towards making this a memorable and meaningful event.

Thanking you at the feet of Srila Prabhupada, malati dasi (GBC)

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