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Distributing Liberation in Kamsa`s Prison

By: for ISKCON News on April 5, 2012
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The entrance of Kamsa`s prison
For the past 4 months devotees from ISKCON Vrindavan have been holding regular Sunday feast programs in Karhagarh (prison house) of Kamsa, where Vasudev and Devaki were imprisoned. The temple popularly known by locals as Prachin Janambhumi (very old birthplace of Lord Krishna) houses the beautiful deities of Vasudev, Devaki and Keshav Dev Ji (baby Krishna with four arms).

Prachin Janambhumi is west of Potara Kund (Mother Devaki washed baby Krishna’s dirty cloth) and a 5 minute walking distance from the heavily guarded Janambhumi. Prachin is centrally situated in Malpura (district of the wrestlers), so Kamsa had the prison guarded by these wrestlers.

According to Krishna Cand Goswami the current sevait, Caitanya Mahaprabhu met the sanodiya brahmin here and Srila Prabhupada often visited this temple during his visits to Mathura. He recalls his grandfather worshipping Keshav Dev Ji but has no recollection has to how or when the Deities manifested. Keshav Dev Ji has been in his family for generations.

The temple in a state of complete disrepair and hardly frequented by quests and locals, with the permission of Krishna Chand Goswami devotees enthusiastically started the Vasudev Devaki Sunday School for over 25 local children, college preaching, congregational development and the Sunday feast program.

During Nityananda Trayodasi, devotees held an abhishek for Gaura Nitai and Krishna Chand Goswami with his son Shiv Kumar Goswami installed Gaura Nitai with our parampara on the alter of Keshav Dev Ji. A sumptuous feast, cooked on cowdung patties was later served.

Niranata Das is developing the congregation, Madhur Murli Das takes care of the Sunday school and Parsada Dasi and Gaurangi Dasi are involved in college preaching.

Project Director, Devakinandan dDas said, “We are indeed grateful to Krishna Chand Goswami and his son Shivkumar Goswami for allowing us to render some service to Krishna in this most holy place. As Kali-Yuga advances we see even in a holy place like Mathura, slaughterhouses, wine shops and other sinful vices. We appeal to our world-wide community of devotees to please help us in preserving this rare jewel.” he said.

Due to neglect, the temple is in need of renovation and upgrading. Anyone wishing to assist in cash or kind can contact Devakinandan Das on, mobile: 91-8909829179.
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