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Food For Life Still Needs Your Help in Haiti

By: on March 10, 2010
Food for Life Global is currently serving 3500 meals in camps in Haiti. We have plans to expand to schools and increase the distribution to 10,000 meals a day. But we urgently need cash and volunteers.

Our emergency relief fund is itself on life support. Sadly, it appears that people are beginning to
forget Haiti and now that we are in the middle of establishing a very wonderful service in cooperation with the World Food Programme, our funds are at their lowest.

Responsible and experienced kitchen hands are also invited to help with this food relief project. Volunteers will need to commit to staying for at least 1 month and make their own way to Haiti. Food for Life Global will provide accommodation, meals and and other personal support. If you have cooking skills and can speak French and/or Creole, that is a big plus.

To apply, click: here

Watch this short video from the eyes of one of the volunteers:

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