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Gopastami Celebrations at ISKCON Kanpur

By: for ISKCON News on Nov. 11, 2016

On the most auspicious occasion of Gopastami, ISKCON Kanpur held ca large event with many awareness programs about cow protection, also launching Sri Surabhi campaign and seminars for farmers.

 The event was graced by the presence of two of the cities prominent officers District Magistrate Mr. Kaushal Raj Sharma and Kanpur Development Authority Vice Chairman Mrs. Jaishree Boj.

Both of them along with Devakinandan Das did Go-Puja, and expressed their full support for ISKCON’s cow-protection programs. Many newspaper had a dozen of questions answered by them regarding the importance of go seva (cow-protection).

ISKCON Kanpur has also launched the "Sri Surabhi", which includes seminars offered for farmers about the importance of cows and cow products. 

With the participation of 70 cows, 20 bulls and 1,000s visitors the event-organizers held a traditional fire sacrifice (yajna) and served the visitors with sanctified vegetarian meals made of different forms of cow milk.

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