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Haiti Food Relief Halted

By: on April 9, 2010
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Government action has stopped the delivery of much-needed meals.
Food for Life Global, the world’s largest vegan food relief, ceased all food distribution on March 27 due to logistical challenges associated with the Haitian government closing down all wet food distribution programs in refugee camp sites.

Project Manager, Bruce Webster said, “The Haitians were so appreciative of our hot vegan meals and the children would often come out dancing from their tents to greet us. It was so touching.” International Director, Paul Turner praised the team in Haiti, “They have done a tremendous job and we are all very proud of them. Nearly 100,000 meals were served.”

Charity spokesperson, Krishna Mulder, added, “We are hoping that Food for Life Global can resume distribution in Haiti in a few months from now. It all depends on available resources and whether Food for Life Global is able to participate in the school feeding programs.”

The non-profit organization, based in New York, has responded to some of the world’s largest natural disasters, including the great Tsunami of 2004 as well as Hurricane Katrina and Rita and has served over 850,000 million meals to the needy since the late 70s.

“All unused donations will be kept for future relief efforts,” said Turner.

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