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Historical Save Yamuna Foot March Begins on March 1st

By: for ISKCON News on Feb. 11, 2013

The present state of the holy Yamuna river

Srila Prabhupada says Bathe in the Yamuna, chant the Hare Krishna mantra and then become perfect and return back to Godhead.” (Srimad Bhagavatam 6.5.28, purport)

The environmental battle for the dead river Yamuna continues on with the singing and chanting of the Holy Names of God by hundreds of thousands believers from all over India and abroad who will join forces in a peaceful protest march starting on March 1st in Vrindavan and concludes in New Delhi 10 days later.

The event is being coordinated by the Mann Mandir from Varsana, and will have participants from many other organizations.

Hundreds of people from the Vraj area are ready to offer their warm-hearted help by providing shelter, food and water for the participants. The Jai Gurudev Spiritual Organisation from Mathura have pledged to provide prashadam food for everyone -- they are prepared to feed 500,000 people.

Several prominent groups from Vrindavan have offered their help in other ways. Almost all ashrams in Vrindavan are providing free accommodation to the protest marchers.

Shri Ramesh Baba Maharaja (Mann Mandir Varsana), during preparatory meeting of Vaisnava acaryas in Vrindavan said, "It is only mercy of Sri Yamunaji that you all are here together today. If we all unite we can achieve much more than the Yamuna cause, we can change the nation."

At the Maha Kumbha in Allahabad, several other prominent spiritual leaders have come forward to openly support the Yamuna-cause in the Indian national media.

In order to inform officials about this forthcoming event, the representatives from different organizations recently had a meeting with Sonia Gandhi — the president of the Indian National Congress Party.

Already taking part in the Save Yamuna Campaign, ISKCON will also join in the event. Vrajendranandan Das, Director of ISKCON communication in New Delhi is the main coordinator from ISKCON's part.

The organizers wholeheartedly invite everyone to take part in this historical event to "Bring Back Yamuna Devi to Vraja Vrindavana" campaign. They say: "The critical situation with the holy river Yamuna is bringing all good hearts together. The huge environmental battle to protect for sacredness and human life will not
stop until Yamuna is back."

Announced participants at the Protest March are:

• Thousands of devotees of Lord Krishna from across several districts of Uttar Pradesh,
• Several Thousands of devotees of Lord Krishna from across several towns and rural areas of Gujarat & Maharashtra,
• Thousands of Vrajbasis from 1,200 villages of Vraj,
• The strong & famous Bhartiya Kisaan Union (Bhanu),
• Gaudia Vaishnava Sampradaya of Bengal,
• Thousands of devotees from the Pusti Marg Sampradaya from all across India,
• 52 Kathavaachaks of Mathura Vrindavan and thousands of their followers,
• Senior national religious leaders and thousands of their followers,
• Representatives of the Muslim and Sikh communities.

The schedule of the Protest March:

28th of February - Yamuna Mahasammelan ( Huge congregation and public Meeting)
1st of March - Gathering at Rukmani Vihar on Chatikara Road Vrindavan and walk to Chomuha on the National Highway
2nd of March - Walk from Comuha walk to Sugar Mill Chahta
3rd of March - Walk from Chahta walk to a point 2 kms before Kosi
4th of March - Walk from the point 2 kms before of Kos to Kotvan Border.
5th of March - Walk from Kotvan Border walk to Morekuti, Haryana.
6th of March - Walk from Morekuti Haryana to Bamni Khera
7th of March - Walk from Bamni Khera to a point 3 kms before Palwal.
8th of March - Walk from the point 3 kms before Palwal to a point 4 kms before of Ballbgarh.
9th of March - Walk from the point 4 kms before of Ballbgarh to Sector 12 in Faridabad.
10th of March - From Sector 12 Faridabad walk to New Delhi.

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