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Holi Celebrations Drench Vrindavan with Joy

By: for Samay Live (India) on March 14, 2009
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Vrindavan: Myriad colours of Holi have drenched Mathura and Vrindavan in joyful festivities.

Though Holi is a single day affair elsewhere in the country, for the Brijwasis (people of Vrindavan where Lord Krishna spent his childhood days), the festival is celebrated for 16 days to commemorate the divine love of Radha for Lord Krishna or 'Dhulandi'. The festival is celebrated by participants throwing coloured powder and spray water at each other.

The festival is actually known as Brij Holi and people from all over India, and even from abroad, come to these sacred places to witness the celebrations. It's said that because the festival originated in Vrindavan, it is here that the people celebrate it with the most fervour.

There are various forms of Holi celebrated. One of them is Lathmaar Holi, where women beat men with sticks to prevent themselves from being teased! This type of Holi is actually celebrated in a small village near Vrindavan called Barsana, which is the birthplace of Krishna's lover Radha.
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