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Hrdayananda Dasa Goswami's Letter to the GBC

By: on April 18, 2009

April 11, 2009
ISKCON Philadelphia

Dear GBC members,

Please accept my obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

I am writing in reference to this resolution passed by the GBC this year:

317. Action and Public Statements of Hridayananda Dasa GoswamiӬӬ: The GBC has carefully reviewed the recent action (giving blessings) and the public statements of Hridayananda Maharaja concerning homosexuality. These remain controversial and divisive in ISKCON, and the GBC does not endorse or support them.ӬӬTeaching obligations have kept Hridayananda Maharaja from attending the GBC meetings this year, so the GBC has not been able to discuss this issue with him. A GBC delegation will soon meet personally with him to discuss this issue and attempt to reach a common understanding.

In compliance with that resolution I have flown to Philadelphia and on April 11, 2009 met with H.H. Bir Krishna Dasa Goswami and H.G. Ravindra Svarupa Dasa, the GBC delegation.

We have a common understanding, which I had already expressed prior to the Mayapura GBC meetings, in a dialogue with some GBC members.

I am writing to reaffirm that I uphold the Krishna conscious principle that sexual union is for procreation within marriage, and that no spiritual leader should encourage or endorse any other form of sexual relation.

I regret that I acted and spoke in such a way as to give many an impression to the contrary. I am sorry.

Your servant,

Hridayananda Dasa Goswami

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