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ISKCON News: Help Us Create a ‘Festival for the Eyes’

By: on March 9, 2008
Photo Credits: Seva Kunja Devi Dasi
Sri Sri Nitai-Gauracandra reside in the home of ISKCON News managing editor Ekendra Dasa and his wife Seva Kunja Devi Dasi. They live in the New Govardhana community, northern New South Wales, Australia.
Would you like to participate in creating a beautiful experience for ISKCON News readers? This Gaura Purnima we're having a 'Festival for the Eyes' that you're invited to help us put together.

On Gaura Purnima Day 2008 we're going to unveil a multimedia presentation featuring Gaura-Nitai deities worshiped in devotees' homes around the world.

We've set a goal to compile 108 photos so if you'd like to give our current readership of more than 3,500 weekly visitors a glimpse of the Gaura-Nitai deities who live in your home then dress them gorgeously, get the lighting just right and snap us a digital photo. (Try to avoid using a flash please.)
UPDATE: This presentation can be viewed here.

When you submit your entry you'll need to include the following details:

- What's your name? (Please make sure you spell this exactly how you'd like it to be presented.)

- Where do you live? (Include the name of the city and country.)

Send just one photo as an attachment to: Please try to keep the size of the file under 1 Megabyte. The best image resolution for our purposes is 800px by 600px.

Alternatively you could upload to a photo hosting site such as and send us a link.

The deadline for entries is Tuesday the 18th of March 2008.

Only the first 108 photos will be presented so send them in today!
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