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ISKCON Temples Around the World Requested to Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Prabhupada’s Jaladuta Poems

By: for ISKCON News on Sept. 11, 2015


The Global Office of ISKCON’s 50th anniversary has requested temples around the world to try and observe the fiftieth anniversary of two poems that Srila Prabhupada wrote on board the Jaladuta in September 1965.

Srila Prabhupada wrote the first poem, ‘Prayer to the Lotus feet of Krishna’ on 13th September 1965 on board the Jaladuta, and the second one, ‘Markine Bhagavata Dharma’ while the Jaladuta was docked at Boston Harbour on September 18th 1965. 

While writing about the first poem, Srila Prabhupada mentions in his Jaladuta Diary: “Today I have disclosed my mind to my companion Lord Sri Krishna. There is a Bengali poem made by me today in this connection.” 

To observe the 50th anniversary of these two poems, temples can do the following:

  • Announce the anniversary of the poem on the day (13th and 18th September) at Mangala Arati
  • Sing the song before Bhagavatam Class
  • Have a special morning class explaining the purport of the song on each of the two days
  • If possible, have a special evening programme inviting members of the congregation to join in singing the song, and having another class with senior devotees sharing their realizations

“These are very important compositions where Srila Prabhupada has revealed the mood in which he completely depended on Krishna before he visited America,” said Romapada Das, International Coordinator for the 50th Anniversary. “By meditating on the purports of these two songs, we can appreciate Srila Prabhupada’s prophetic journey on the Jaladuta even more. We would like to encourage temples around the world to base their morning and evening programmes on September 13th and 18th around these two poems. ”

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Click here for the lyrics and here for a video clip of the song Prayer to the Lotus Feet of Krishna.

Click here for the lyrics and here for a video clip of the song Markine Bhagavata Dharma. 

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