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ISKCON to Develop 1000-year-old Kondavid Hill Fort

By: for Zee News on Feb. 19, 2010
Photo Credits: Abdaal
The Fort from Gopinatheshwar Temple.

The International Society for Krishna Consciousness has offered to develop the historic 1000-year-old Kondavid Hill Fort in the district of Guntur, Andhra Pradesh as a world-class tourist destination and spiritual center at a cost of over 1 billion rupees.

The presence of an ancient Krishna temple in the fort, built by King Krishna Devaraya of the Vijayanagar Empire,prompted ISKCON to evince interest in the project to improve the dilapidated fort and construct a complex atop the hill.

The proposal includes a huge building to exhibit sculptures depicting scenes from the Ramayana and Mahabharat, as well as the renovation of several temples in the area which are in a dilapidated condition.

An ISKCON spokesman said it is their aim to preserve ancient heritage and promote traditional culture and spiritualism.

Guntur District is appreciated in archaeological circles as home to the second oldest evidence of humans in India, in the form of Palaeolithic (old stone age) implements.

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