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ISKCON Turin, Italy, Opens New Center

By: for ISKCON News on Nov. 23, 2017

Happy kirtan at the new ISKCON Turin temple

On the 5th of November ISKCON Turin, Italy, celebrated the opening of a new Temple situated near the city’s downtown.

In the previous months, in the old center some neighbors regularly disturbed the   programs in many different ways, devotees could not have kirtans, and there were other obstacles that discouraged guests from visiting the temple.


Class at the old Turin temple

Finally Temple President Prabhu Das suggeested the community to find another place in which they could properly glorify Sri Krishna loudly, without restrictions.

In the next days they started to look for another place.  A few weeks later they found out that a nearby building, in which they previously did some Food for Life programs, was now empty and that they were looking for somebody to rent it.


Food for Life program at the place

With the help of  many devotees and congregation members they finally managed to rent it in October and planned to offically open it on the first Sunday of November.

The place was in a really bad condition and it was quite difficult to fix up everything in one month without sufficient money.


Volunteers working hard on the fixing up

Somehow or other, they received a lot of help and managed to get ready on time for the program. For the opening, more than a hundred people came (the other couldn't host more than 40-50 people) and the special guest of the day was Madhusevita Das, who isthe local GBC. He was very happy to see many enthusiastic people attending.


Feast at the new center

The ISKCON Turin community was overjoyed that finally, after two years of difficulties, they have a place in which they can chant loudly, hold functions and serve the congregation without restrictions.

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