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Jagannatha In Winter Coat

By: for ISKCON News on Jan. 10, 2011
No one is cold at Moscow`s Exhibition Center
There were sultry harinamas, and there were snowy ones. There were harinamas under umbrellas. And at the end of December, icy harinamas took place in Moscow, with Lord Jagannatha - in his winter coat - and eighty devotees taking part in them.

Although the temperature was below zero and everything was covered by ice at Moscow`s Exhibition Center, nobody wanted to stop the ecstatic singing.

Even the policemen seemed to like it a lot. Perhaps it was much more pleasant for them to watch the devotees singing and dancing, than to control soccer fans.

To the by-passers` delight, three trays of sweet ballsand fifty books were distributed.

Simultaneously with the one at the Exhibition Center, there was a second harinama on Moscow`s famous Arbat Street led by Vaisnava Das and Premanjana Das.

It was the second time in 2010 that ISKCON Moscow had two harinamas simultaneously at two different places in the city.
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