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Krishna Consciousness Reaches India's Taloja Jail

By: on Oct. 24, 2009

International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), Kharghar visited Taloja prisoners and explained the science of Krishna consciousness recently.

The programme was organized to offer relief to all the inmates of the Taloja prison in the form of spiritual knowledge.

During the meeting, Suradas Prabhu, president of ISKCON, Kharghar opined that every person, whether in jail or not, is actually living in a prison. "We originally were God's abode, but because of our envious nature, we have been sent to this material world to perform yajna [sacrifice] for our purification. However, we have not been doing that, but gratifying our senses like animals. Since you have further violated the laws of this land, you have been imprisoned in the jail, but if you develop the proper qualities, you can set yourself free from this prison and ultimately get freedom from the 'prison' of the material world through the chanting the holy names of the God."

Apart from Suradas, Vice President Shikshtaka Prabhu, Manager Ramachandra Prabhu, Jagat Krishna Prabhu, Samdeva Prabhu Head of jail DK Bangerji spoke to the prisoners and extended advises. The devotees distributed Bhagvad Gita books to all the prison staffers and prisoners. They performed harinam sankirtana, for the well-being and spiritual upliftment of all inmates.

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