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Launch of “Spiritual Care Tour” to Mumbai and Mayapur

By: on Aug. 7, 2010

A spiritual care tour has been launched under the leadership of Dr. Vishwarupa Das of Bhaktivedanta Hospital in Juhu, Mumbai. The tour especially targets nurses, doctors and health care personnel, aiming to promote spiritual care in the hospitals throughout the world.

The members of the Mayapur Worldwide Team have worked closely together with the doctors of the Bhaktivedanta Hospital to put this program together as an introduction to non-devotees in spiritual care. They only take a small team of doctors and nurses at a time.

The program begins at the world-renowned Bhaktivedanta Hospital in Mumbai and ends in Sri Dhama Mayapur. It includes a medical spiritual seminar led by Dr. Vishwarupa Das and Dr. Vaishnava Seva Das from the Bhaktivedanta Hospital, and a tour of the hospital where the guests get the opportunity to visit each department and see how spiritual care is being conducted in practice.

In the second part of the program the healthcare professionals take part in spiritual seminars led by Bhuta Bhavana Das in Mayapur. The seminar addresses many issues experienced in the professional life of a doctor or a nurse, and also includes a tour of Mayapur.

A certificate of attendance will be issued by the Mayapur Institute of Higher Education.

The "Spiritual Care tour" begins on November 4th 2010 in Mumbai and ends on November 10th in Mayapur. Guests will also get an opportunity to experience the celebration of Diwali in Mumbai and Kartik in Mayapur.

By word of mouth, the tour has already been almost completely booked up.

For registration and information on next year`s tour please contact Sukanti Radha dasi at or visit

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