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Lifting Spirits in the Netherlands

By: for on May 7, 2010
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An easy crowd to get dancing in Amsterdam.
ISKCON devotees joined in the fun April 30 at one of the largest street parades in the world, Queen's Day in Holland.

Kadamba Kanana Swami once again organized a group to offer their form of celebration in the city of Amsterdam during the birthday of the Queen of Holland. Two buses, among other smaller vehicles, came from the Radhadesh center in Belgium to bring the number of participants to over 200 hundred.

In fact, the Hare Krishna contingent was among the largest groups. Sacinandana Swami, who traveled from Germany to attend, was struck with awe and commented, "By doing harinam, you can't go wrong!"

After the first part of the procession that began at 10:00 AM and lasted till 4:00 PM, the ISKCON troupe took a break at the temple campsite that was set up in the middle of the party center of Amsterdam. There they were entertained by At the campsite the very professional and really funny music group from the UK leaded by Parasurama Dasa ahd his band from the UK. Defying the laws of gravity, a large drummer with his drum set, Parasurama with his guitar and a large amplifier on his back and a jumping bass player all managed to balance on a "bakfiets" (the Dutch word for a bike with an attached hatchet).

After 5 PM, the second part of the procession began. Accompanied by Parasurama and his crazy bakfiets, devotees dove into the well known Vondelpark and entertained the park visitors.

Those from Radhadesh then returned quickly back to the temple, in time to catch buses back home, already planning their return on April 30, 2011.
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