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Mayapur Crash Victims Continue to Make Steady Recovery

By: on March 21, 2009

The two ISKCON Mayapur residents who were badly injured in a car crash on March 12 are steadily recovering after devotees around the world feared the worst.

Jahnudvipa Dasa from Denmark and his wife Braja Sevaki Dasi from Australia were rushed to the local Apollo hospital when their taxi collided head-on with a truck near Kolkata airport.

Braja Sevaki, who sustained facial and leg injuries, as well as a broken rib, broken left wrist, and punctured lung, was discharged on March 18. She is described as “doing well” and has returned to Mayapur to complete her recuperation.

Her husband Jahnudvipa is also improving, despite many severe fractures and a punctured liver and lungs. After a brief relapse which required him to be sedated for two days, he is now fully conscious and can hold brief conversations. Recovery is still some time away, but concerns about his internal damage have now passed, and doctors are pleased with his progress.

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