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Mayapur Welcomes Newest Resident

By: for Lotus Imprints on April 2, 2010
Encouraging a new friend.
At about 8.00 AM on March 30 2010 Mayapur received its newest resident– Vishnu-priya the baby elephant.

After a tortuous 2 years of negotiation Hrmati Dasi performed the practically impossible task of bringing a new companion for Laxmi-priya from Assam to her new home in the holy dhama. Its not possible to write here what she had to go through to achieve this, it would require a whole book. But all glories to her service, she deserves accolades!

After five days on the road, Vishnu-priya arrived and was unloaded from the truck at our elephant sanctuary just next to the Taranpur road. Hrmati was a bit worried about how Laxmi-priya would receive her new companion. Laxmi is nine years old and Vishnu is four. It was quite amusing in the event. Laxmi approached the baby with some trepidation, as if she had never seen such a creature before. She came up close, then gave a little jump back; then again she came up, again she skipped back. Finally she came up, sniffed around, and then put her trunk around her little sister and embraced her. Within minutes they were inseparable and had formed a strong bond.

Elephants are very social creatures and in fact it is illegal to keep an elephant by itself. Not only that, recent government laws forbid even zoos to keep elephants anymore. A few months ago a directive was issued to all zoos and circuses to immediately send their elephants to the jungles. So we are very fortunate that Hrmati gained the special permissions needed to bring these two special servants of Sri Sri Radha Madhava from the jungles to a life of devotional service.
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