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New Scorsese TV Film About George Harrison

By: for on Aug. 27, 2011
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George Harrison chanting with Hare Krishna devotees
Martin Scorsese’s new documentary pic about former Beatles George Harrison is to be broadcast over two evenings in October, it’s been revealed.

And the trailer for the film – Living in the Material World – has now been released.

“George was making spiritually awake music,” says Scorsese, quoted on “We all heard and felt it – and I think that was the reason he came to occupy a very special place in our lives.”

Many of Harrison’s closest friends are featured in the film – due to air on HBO on October 5 and 6 – and there’s plenty of footage of the Beatles’ early days, as well as black-and-white stills from Harrison’s early life. The film lasts more than three and a half hours.

In it, Paul McCartney, former Beatle and, with John Lennon, joint principal songwriter for the legendary sixties band, is seen saying his colleague – who died 10 years ago aged 58 – “was cocky – had a great haircut.”

Harrison himself says onscreen: “People always say I’m the Beatle who changed the most, but, really, that’s what life is about.”

“The film also features plenty of never-seen-before footage,” says “The film doesn’t shy from Harrison’s darker side, showing footage of a ravaged performance from his 1974 solo tour, and hinting at challenges in his marriage.”

Meanwhile, in discussing the film, Wired says Harrison was “a cultural and spiritual innovator on par with his legendary British bandmates.”
“The film isn’t all sweetness and light,” says a report in the Examiner. It goes on to quote Harrison’s second wife, Olivia, as saying: “He never said he was a saint, but he always said he was a sinner. He wanted to do everything in life. He really did.”

Hare Krishna

During the mid-sixties, Harrison embraced Indian culture and helped to make the West aware of the delights of the sitar and of the Hare Krishna movement. In summer 1969 he produced the single “Hare Krishna Mantra.” He was associated with the Hare Krishna movement till his death. Harrison embraced all religions through his interest in Hinduism, once saying: “From the Hindu point of view each soul is divine. All religions are branches of one big tree. It doesn’t matter what you call him [God] just as long as you call.”

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