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O Mother Radhe

By: for ISKCON News on Aug. 28, 2020


O Mother Radhe

You are so sweet and strong..

In most amazing and caring ways

Your compassion makes me feel I belong….


O Mother Radhe

You know my mind even when I don’t ask..

I pray to follow in your footsteps

Your pastimes inspire me at every task….


O Mother Radhe

You hold me in every situation when I fall..

Always selfless and giving

Your presence is always felt when I call….


O Mother Radhe

To Krsna you are the most dear..

You lovingly accept my devotion for Him

Your Holynames bring me to Him a little near….


O Mother Radhe

You overlook my flaws big or small

May I also serve at your lotus feet

Your mercy can bestow pure love in hearts of all…..


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