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Our Phone Calls May Be Killing the Bees

By: for on May 20, 2011
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Soon we may face the serious conundrum of having to hang up moblie phones to save the honey. A new Swiss Federal Institute of Technology study (PDF) has concluded that cellular phone calls disrupt a vital honeybee communication signal (known as "worker piping"), causing the bees to become terminally confused and die (a condition known as Colony Collapse Disorder).

The worldwide decline in the honeybee population has been closely watched and documented by scientists, and has for the most part been attributed to chemical toxins, such as the controversial hive-killing pesiticide clothiadin. This study is the first to present hard evidence of a technology-based cause for the bee-pocalypse.

Scientists point out that the ever-growing disappearance of honeybees may have devastating ripple-effects for the environment and for the world's human population. Since 70% of food crops are pollinated by honeybees, the prevalence of Colony Collapse Disorder among bees could easily impact agriculture and world hunger.

Wildlife and environmental protection advocates at Citizens for Safe Technology have had a long-standing mission to alert the public to the possible dangers of wireless technology:

Wireless devices and technologies, and the infrastructure required to support them, are endangering not only human biology, but all natural processes in our environment as well. Wildlife, and the environmental systems they depend on to survive. We can all take immediate steps to lessen the damage we are causing from using wireless technologies.

The latest evidence pointing to the toxicity of cell phones has them currently raising this question:

"With the impending introduction of 4G to add to the will nature fare? Will the income from the sale of 4G frequencies make up for the loss in food production and the collapse of the honeybee?"

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