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Saturday Night Sankirtana Fire Still Burning Strong in London

By: for ISKCON News on March 29, 2012
The Harinama Sankirtana fire is still burning strong in London. London is a city very well populated, and there is never a dull moment while chanting on the streets. Very rare is the day when ISKCON devotees are treated unfavourably, whether it is the police, students, local londoners, tourists, drunks or businessmen - the reception is always favorable. Often the number of people joining in from the street exceeds the amount of devotees joining in themselves.

Generally when on book distribution or another outreach activity, people on the street often know of the 'Hare Krishnas' from chanting on the street, especially in London.

Saturday Night Harinama it is always well attended and the route goes through all of the popular, busy, and touristic areas of London.

It is famous over the UK, and even with many international devotees, and we are often joined by many senior visiting devotees and senior Prabhupada disciples.
It can also be taken to note that simply by going out in London many people from other countries are getting to know of the Hare Krishna movement, due to the sheer millions of tourists visiting London every year.

Below are taster videos of various recent Saturday Night Harinama's in London in 2012:

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