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Slovenian Spiritual Eco-Walk Reaches Ninth Year

By: on July 18, 2009
This July 8th, devotees from New Yogapitha in Slovenia completed Eco-Caravan 2009, their sixteen-day padayatra—literally translated as “festival on foot.” The cross-country pilgrimage, aimed at spreading spiritual and environmental awareness, was their eighth in a row.

The pilgrimage got off to a strong start with over seventy devotees chanting Hare Krishna, dancing, and distributing spiritual books and food. Breathtaking new deities of Nitai-Gaura Nataraja imbued participants with an extra boost of enthusiasm, as did special guest Lokanatha Swami, the founder and inspiration behind ISKCON’s worldwide padayatra projects.

Other visiting guests from abroad included the USA’s Prahladananda Swami, Manidhara Dasa, and Krishna-kripa Dasa, while accordion virtuoso Hare Krisna Dasa from Rome contributed the soundtrack.

Pulling the cart carrying Gaura Nitai for the second year in a row was Haridasa, a magnificent Arabian horse. Organizers hope to soon acquire and train a more traditional ox to replace Bhima, the project’s mainstay for six consecutive years.

For Slovenian readers, a photo diary can be viewed at An English translation is expected to be available soon.
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