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Spanish Inmates Eat Prasadam

By: for on Jan. 22, 2011
Spanish inmates appreciate prasadam
It was for that second time that ISKCON devotees did prasadam distribution in the Prison of Ceuta, Spain. It is the only prison in Spain and in the entire European Union that serves a full vegetarian menu at least once in a year to all inmates.

On Friday December 3rd, 2010, Krishna Kripa Das and his wife Radhapriya Dasi, with the help of a group of inmates, cooked 300 meals for all the inmates, as well as the guards and other prison staff.

The food was offered to the Guru Parampara, Radha Krishna, and Sita Rama.

The menu was basmati rice, mung dhal, Chinese noodles with vegetables, mix vegetable pakoras, potato-eggplant sabji, spinach puris, fresh lemonade and for dessert, fruit salad.

Krishna Kripa Das presented the prison director and the second officer with a spanish version of the Higher Taste cook book .

The two local newspapers published two full pages articles and 6 photos about the event.

The senior security official commented on the menu as: “When the food is good, nobody talks during lunch, and today everybody was eating in silence”.

One inmate was especially grateful to the devotees. “Thank you very much for coming and remembering us, especially in this Christmas season” - he said.
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