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  • Between Worlds - The Samadhi Dance Celebrates 10 Years

    Choreography & concept: Vraja Sundari Keilman in collaboration with the dancers. Dancers in order of appearance: Vraja Sundari Keilman, Ricardo Rus Da Silva, Sarada Sarita Keilman, Annlydie Groenen, Ilaria Angelicchio, Gaura Nataraj Das (Aleksey) Furdak, Eline Vroon, Jeffrey Stuut, Rasarani Keilman, Guillermo Blinker, Fredrik Quinones, Vinita Simonse, Kim Amankwaa, Carl Refos, Marnix Lenselink, Liam O'Callaghan, Sara Pennella, Flory Curescu, Ronja Cornelis, Delano Spenrath.

  • Amsterdam Will Dance - Kingsday Harinam 2015

    Amsterdam - known for being one of the largest street markets in the world, orange coloured everything, and its yearly Kingsday festival with music concerts, street performances, and lots of intoxicated people. So what better way to spread Krishna consciousness, than to bring it to a large mass of people, in their time of celebration?

  • Queen's Day Parade in Amsterdam
  • Orange Day Kirtan in Amsterdam
    Queen's Day is a national holiday in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. On April 30th, millions of people gathered in Amsterdam to celebrate - they all sported clothes, hats, garlands, feather boas and socks colored bright orange, the color associated with the royal family. The saffron-clad ISKCON devotees felt quite at home chanting Hare Krishna in this crowd of fellow orange celebrants.
  • European Ratha Yatra Festivals Update
    London Ratha-Yatra will be streamed live simultaneously on Mayapur TV and 20th of June 2010. The dates of European Ratha Yatra Festivals are announced.
  • Lifting Spirits in the Netherlands
    ISKCON devotees joined in the fun at one of the largest street parades in the world, Queen's Day in Holland.
  • Insight: ISKCON Breaks All Barriers

    Bhaktivedanta Manor-resident Sutapa Dasa visited Amsterdam, Holland on Queens Day (April 30th, 2009) -- reputed to be the world’s largest street party -- and witnessed an ISKCON harinama (street chanting) group there, where he says he realized that ISKCON is the only organization in the world that is truly free from ageism, nationalism, sexism and even species-ism, because the chanting of Hare Krishna breaks all barriers.