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Articles tagged as Anger

  • How to Respond When Someone Hurts Us?

    When someone speaks harshly or acts cruelly toward us, how we respond depends primarily on their disposition.

  • What the Gita Says About Anger

    Should we join the protests? Should we speak out against a government that oppresses black men and women and attacks those wishing to publicly object to such racism? As devotees, should we protest at all? Is meddling in politics the business of Vaishnavas? Yet if we decline, are we not part of the apathy that perpetuates such injustice?

  • Bent Out of Shape

    It happens and will continue to happen - someone says something to us, or about us, and we feel the emotions rise. We get ‘bent out of shape’, can’t stop the replay in our mind, and practice all kinds of imaginary ways to respond to it.

  • Nemesis in a Bag of Peanuts

    The notion of having power over others may provide a temporary gratification, but it starts to unravel pretty soon.

  • Madness for Material Positions, Possessions and Prestige Make All Mad

    Too much obsession with oneself and with the material world makes people mad. It is not an allegorical statement but it’s a hard core fact. People actually become mad.

  • Spiritual Anger Management

    The Mahabharata says that, while ordinary arrows cut us once, the arrow of our words ‘burn the heart day and night.’ This is poignantly true when the heated exchange is between near and dear ones, as is so often the case.

  • The 90-10 Rule

    Tom Hanks' famous line in Forrest Gump is quite accurate. “Life is like a box of chocolates” he said, “you never know what you’re gonna get!”

  • Anger Makes A Problem Bigger
    When things go wrong, it is natural to feel angry. Yet just because it is natural doesn’t make it desirable. Neither is it desirable to be passive amidst injustices.
  • The Root of Anger
    There are rare instances where anger is spiritually appropriate, provoked by injustices against the Lord and His devotees. Most anger, however, is a negative emotion manifested from frustrated attempts to enjoy sensually in the material world.
  • Say A Little Prayer To Control Anger
    New research from American and Dutch scientists shows praying can help ease anger, lower aggression and lessen the impact of provocation.