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  • New Children’s Book “The Jaguar’s Story” Inspires Care for Mother Earth

    The Jaguar’s Story, a brand new children’s book by Kosa Ely (Kosarupa Dasi) about the plight of Jaguars in the Amazon rainforest, was released on April 21stat the Earth Day Festival in Orlando, Florida. The book, which inspires care for Mother Earth, had its own booth at the festival’s Kids’ Zone, with large posters of its stunning artwork attracting passersby

  • Elephant Digs A Hole For 11 Hours

    The power of motherly love.

  • Horse Reunion

    So who says animals are not capable of remembering each other and have emotions? The amazing story of three horses reuniting after 4 years.

  • 400 Million Fewer Animals Were Killed for Food Last Year Because People Are Eating Less Meat

    Where there’s less consensus, however, is how to affect change.

  • Animals And Their Feelings

    Gorilla Reunion: Damian Aspinall's extraordinary gorilla encounter on Gorilla School.

  • Animal Protection Summer School at Oxford University

    Theologians of world religions share their thoughts on animal rights. The video features Krishna Kshetra Swami.

  • We Must Accept High Cost of Cow Protection, Says New Minister

    We can have successful cow protection projects in ISKCON. But only if we’re willing to accept the high cost of violence-free milk, and of caring for cows and their handlers.That’s the message that Shyamasundara Das, the recently appointed Global Minister for Cow Protection and Agriculture, is bringing to communities around the world. 

  • Factory Meat, Cruel and Bad for Us

    Our own lives would improve if we started showing some basic decency to the 9 billion cows, calves, pigs, lambs, turkeys and chickens that are slaughtered a year in the United States.

  • A Message to Moscow: Throw Fur Out!

    A new year offers new opportunities to take our campaign against fur to the country that buys more of it than any other in the world: Russia.

  • Gary Yourofsky's Powerful Speech on Animal Rights

    Gary Yourofsky is a non-compromizing and charismatic advocate for animal rights. This video is his inspirational speech held at Georgia Tech in summer of 2010. 

  • The Bull Who Wept for Its Life
    Animals have feelings too. This is what this next story is telling us — if proven real.
  • Message of Equality to To Animals from Hindu Divinities
    There are many examples in Hinduism of divinities having an animal accompanying Him. These animal assistants are symbols of natural beauty and strength.
  • Animal Cruelty Crimes Should Be Treated with the Same Seriousness As Crimes Against Humans, Claims Leading Psychologist
    “Almost without exception, the perpetrators of animal cruelty crimes are the same individuals who carry out aggressive and violent acts including assault, partner and child abuse" claims leading psychologist Professor Eleonora Gullone, Associate Professor in Psychology at Monash University, Australia.
  • Call for National Animal Cruelty Offenders’ Register by British Theologian

    “For a long time, animal protectionists have been calling for stricter penalties for those convicted of animal abuse. And the usual measures, including fines and community orders, seem a pretty weak-kneed response to those who deliberately inflict cruelty."

  • New Book To Prove That Animals Have Soul
    All over the world, thanks to the spread of factory farms and meat trade, cruelty on animals is on the rise. Dr. Sahadeva dasa's recently released book "We Feel - Just Like You Do" is trying to counteract these sad tendencies by shedding light on the inner life of the animals.
  • Top Honour For International Animal Pioneer
    Oxford animal theologian Professor Andrew Linzey has been awarded a top university honour for his pioneering work around the world. "Animal ethics is now an emerging discipline with scores of university courses world-wide, the awardee said, and this is a tremendous boost to those working in this field."
  • A Base for War Training, and Species Preservation
    The military has not always been so enthusiastic about saving endangered plants and animals, arguing that doing so would hinder its battle preparedness, but post commanders have gradually realized that working to help species rebound is in their best interest.
  • Mayapur Welcomes Newest Resident
    At about 8.00 AM on March 30 2010 Mayapur received its newest resident– Vishnu-priya the baby elephant.
  • Last Chance for International Compromise on Whaling

    The International Whaling Commission (IWC) has unveiled detailed proposals on how whaling could be regulated in a way that countries still engaged in the hunt and those opposed to it could both live with.

  • Scientist Says Dolphins Are Non-Human Persons
    Scientists studying dolphin behavior have suggested they could be the most intelligent creatures on Earth after humans.
  • Conspiracy for Murder
    According to Manu, the great author of civic codes and religious principles, even the killer of an animal is to be considered a murderer because animal food is never meant for the civilized man.
  • Part of The Conversation
    The New York Times has a great thing going. I mean besides being one of the most influential news sources in the world. They have this great feature where two of their regular columnists debate a topic. It’s called The Conversation, and recently Gail Collins and Ross Douthat debated cruelty to animals in discussing the case of fallen American football icon Michael Vick, who recently completed an eighteen month stint in federal prison for involvement in a dog fighting ring.
  • The Risk of Farms and Antibiotics

    The Union of Concerned Scientists estimates that 70 percent of the antibiotics used in the USA country are fed to farm animals. These animals do not receive these drugs the way humans do — as discrete short-term doses. Agricultural antibiotics are a regular feed supplement intended to increase growth and lessen the chance of infection in crowded, industrial farms.

  • Australia: One Animal Killed Every Hour for Scientific Testing

    One animal in NSW [New South Wales, Australia] is killed every hour during testing for new medicines and cosmetic products. The Daily Telegraph has revealed 8813 animals - including birds, guinea pigs and endangered marsupials - were killed during 12 months of trials.

  • The Loving Approach to Temple Elephant Care
    While I am caressing her trunk, Laksmipriya makes soft growling sounds. She makes me reflect back to the time which made me want to care for elephants the way they deserve to be treated. April 1st, 2006 was a day when I promised myself I wanted to make a difference in the life of an elephant. It was the day when our temple elephant Gulab Kali died and a day I'll never forget.
  • Japanese Whaling Ship Gets the Stink Bomb
    Environmentalists chasing a Japanese whaling fleet off Antarctica have thrown "stink" bombs at one of the vessels. The US-based environmental group Sea Shepherd said the Japanese ship, the Kaiko Maru, was spotted by its vessel the Steve Irwin north of Mawson Peninsula.
  • Norway Lowers Whaling Quota
    Norway today authorised its whalers to harpoon 885 minke whales in 2009, a quota sharply down from previous years in what animal rights activists saw as a sign of consumers' growing disinterest for whale meat. For the period 2006-2008, the quota was 1052 minke whales per year but whalers fell short each year, killing around half the allowed number, according to environmental group Greenpeace.
  • Fur Flies as Nigella Lawson Says She'd Kill a Bear

    Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson has sparked a furore by suggesting she would be prepared to kill a bear and wear its fur.

    The British author of How To Be a Domestic Goddess and star of TV cooking show Nigella Bites made the comments during an interview on the BBC's The One Show.

  • RSPCA Radicals Push for Vegan World

    A RADICAL push has been staged within the RSPCA to endorse vegan diets as the best way to prevent cruelty to farmed animals. One of the supporters of the push has been elected to the board of the RSPCA SA branch and will stand for the presidency.

  • When Human Rights Extend to Nonhumans

    If you caught your son burning ants with a magnifying glass, would it bother you less than if you found him torturing a mouse with a soldering iron? How about a snake? How about his sister?

    Does Khalid Shaikh Mohammed — the Guantánamo detainee who claims he personally beheaded the reporter Daniel Pearl — deserve the rights he denied Mr. Pearl? Which ones? A painless execution? Exemption from capital punishment? Decent prison conditions? Habeas corpus?

  • New Elephant Packs Her Trunk for ISKCON Mayapur

    When ISKCON Mayapur’s resident elephant, Gulab Kali, passed away in April 2006, devotees mourned her almost as if she were a human Vaishnava. Brought to Mayapur when she was only three years old, she had served the community during festivals and other religious functions for 24 years until her untimely death at age 27.

    It was difficult to even think about replacing such a fine and devoted animal, but Hrimati Dasi and the other members of the Mayapur Animal Protection Team were sure that, having passed away in Lord Caitanya’s holy land, Gulab was now in a better place. And so their search for a new elephant began.

  • Wildlife Populations 'Plummeting'

    Between a quarter and a third of the world's wildlife has been lost since 1970, according to data compiled by the Zoological Society of London.

    Populations of land-based species fell by 25%, marine by 28% and freshwater by 29%, it says.

  • Gangotri's Killing Protested Outside RSPCA Headquarters
    Hundreds of Hindus, whose temple cow was deceitfully killed by the RSPCA held a peaceful protest today outside the RSPCA headquarters in Horsham, Sussex and simultaneous prayers were conducted at Bhaktivedanta Manor in Hertfordshire where the cow known as Gangotri was slaughtered by lethal injection. This killing came despite the RSPCA's assurances that nothing further would happen until legalities had been explored.
  • Christmas: A Whale of a Time for All But the Animals
    While the news that Japan has announced it has scrapped plans to kill 50 humpback whales on its yearly whale hunt is welcomed by all, there is deafening silence in the mass media about the fate of millions of other animals who are not the subject of intense diplomatic lobbying, and who will, without any fanfare, be put to death to satisfy the palettes of Christmas revelers this year.
  • Worm Trauma Concern for Modern Moralists
    A New Zealander who invented a toilet that used worms to produce compost had to prove the worms were not traumatized before authorities would approve his product. An Auckland Regional Council official told Coll Bell to get an expert's report on the psychological impact on the worms.
  • The Calves of Simhachalam
    In an almost inexplicable irony, cows and calves are cruelly sent to their deaths via the famous Simhacalam temple of Narasimhadeva in Andhra Pradesh, India. Normally these animals are protected from such cruel treatment, yet due to strange political maneuvering, the current staff at this ancient temple auction them off regularly to local slaughtermen.
  • Bishop and Tibetan Monk Bless Dogs in Washington, USA
    WASHINGTON, D.C.-—Episcopal Bishop John Bryson Chane of Washington National Cathedral and The Venerable Gyumed Khensur Rinpoche Lobsang Jampa will bless dogs and cats waiting for homes at a D.C. shelter Saturday, November 3, on the eve of National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week (November 4-10).