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  • The Jewel in The Crown: A Night of Appreciation of the "Spiritual Beatle"

    “It’s a subtle mind-shift between entertainment and appreciation” says our host Sakshi Gopal das, having greeted us all warmly this chilly Friday eve, 29th November 2019, “but let’s all appreciate what we owe George Harrison. Where would we be without him and the Beatles?"

  • ISKCON UK Recreates Abbey Road Album Cover to Celebrate 50th

    “After we celebrated ISKCON’s global 50th anniversary in 2016, I was keen to capture the mood of something quintessentially British for our own UK Golden Anniversary in 2019,” says UK communications director Mina Sharma. “And what is more British than The Beatles!”

  • Late Beatle George Harrison Remembered On 75th Birthday

    The music industry remembered George Harrison, guitarist of The Beatles, on his birthday on Sunday, Feb. 25. He would have been 75 years old.

  • Yogesvara Dasa’s George Harrison Tribute Returns to New York

    On January 20th, senior Prabhupada disciple Yogesvara Dasa is bringing “Here Comes the Sun: A Musical and Spiritual Tribute to George Harrison” back to the Integral Yoga Institute in New York City. The show is based on Yogesvara’s (Joshua Greene’s) 2006 book Here Comes the Sun, which briefly hit’s bestseller list, and was published in five foreign languages.

  • The Beatles - The Christmas Records Album Review

    Yoko Ono shoehorns her way onto the last disc, interviewing John about his favourite festive food (“corn flakes prepared by Parisienne hands, blessed by a Hare Krishna mantra”).

  • Recording the Hare Krishna Mantra with George Harrison

    From Martin Scorsese's documentary George Harrison: Living in the Material World

  • Shyamasundara Talks New Book “Chasing Rhinos”

    With his new book “Chasing Rhinos with the Swami, legendary ISKCON pioneer Shyamasundara Das stopped by to talk to ISKCON News. At 73, he still has his thick shock of wild hair, and the wide grin, easy sense of humor and friendly nature that ingratiated him to major figures like the Beatles all those years ago, as he carried out Srila Prabhupada’s instructions to spread Krishna consciousness.

  • Paul McCartney Congratulates Food for Life Global

    Paul McCartney endorsing the fabulous work of Food for Life Global volunteers all over the world for their dedicated work over the last 40 years.

  • Ding Dong, Ding Dong - George Harrison (1974)

    "Ring out the false ring in the true." A Happy New Year song released by the former Beatle just prior to New Year's Eve 1974/75. 

  • George Harrison Remembered in Liverpool on the Day of His Passing
    With the participation of ISKCON devotees and local musicians, two concerts were held in Liverpool on the 29th November to mark ten years since the passing of George Harrison.
  • All Things Must Pass... But
    On November 29th, 2001 George Harrison passed away in Los Angeles. At that time Radha and Krishna Deities were at the foot of his bed. He was surrounded by family and friends.
  • George Harrison: Quiet Beatle, Vocal Guru
    With Martin Scorsese's documentary about the quiet Beatle running on HBO now, it is time to appreciate Harrison as a teacher and a transmitter. The most conscientiously spiritual of the Beatles, Harrison learned from a number of well-known gurus, living and dead, including ISKCON-founder Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.
  • Why There's Yoga at Your Church (or Synagogue, or Mosque, or...)
    For “the spiritual but not religious” wondering how they got there, for those wondering who those Indian dudes are on the cover of Sergeant Pepper, and for Methodists doing yoga, the book American Vedanta offers an important story of America’s practical mysticism.
  • Orillia Beatles Festival – A Unique Sankirtan Experience
    Three enthusiastic devotees from the city of Orillia (a small tourist town along a lake about 250 kilometers north of Toronto) contacted the Toronto Sankirtan Team to organize another ‘sankirtan’ outing at one of Orillia’s famous summer festivals.
  • Scorsese Eyes 2011 Bow for George Harrison Film
    Martin Scorsese says he hopes to release his George Harrison documentary next year, and is promising plenty of unseen footage and unheard songs.
  • Vatican Forgives The Beatles For 'Bigger Than Jesus' Comment
    The Catholic Church has offered the Fab Four its official seal of approval, forgiving them their various excesses and even lauding them as a “precious jewel.”
  • Liverpool Hosts 'The Beatles in India' Festival
    When The Beatles became interested in Indian religion it not only had a profound effect on their music, but influenced both the look, sound and outlook of Western culture as a whole. To celebrate the huge impact the country had on the Fab Four, the Beatles Story, Liverpool will be celebrating all things Indian throughout September during our ‘Beatles in India Month’.