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Articles tagged as Celibacy

  • A Celibate in Chelsea - Part Two

    A short movie by New York devotees.

  • A Celibate in Chelsea - Part One

    A short movie.

  • Is Celibacy the New Sexy?

    Celibacy is no longer a vexatious condition of religious life. It is now a considered choice individuals are exerting -- those not of the cloth or cloister but choosing nevertheless to test the frontiers of self-restraint and redirect their Eros towards other ends.

  • Europe‚Äôs 2nd Brahmachari Convention Inspires, Revives

    Seventy-five saffron-clad celibate monks known as brahmacharis, from European countries as diverse as France, Ireland, Poland, Norway, Finland and the UK, converged on Bhaktivedanta Manor near London from June 18th to 23rd this year, to attend the second annual European Brahmachari Convention.

  • Popular New Book Genre: Celibate Romance Novels

    Put aside that titillating vampire lit. Author Beverly Lewis has come up with a new magic formula for producing best-selling romance novels: humility, plainness and no sex. Lewis' G-rated books, set among the Old Order Amish in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, have sold more than 12 million copies, as bodice rippers make room for "bonnet books," chaste romances that chronicle the lives and loves of America's Amish.

  • LA Yoga Magazine Features Krishna Philosophy

    “Sex is like a Ferrari. If someone gave me a brand-new Ferrari I wouldn’t take it off-roading. It would trash the car. I would only drive it where it’s supposed to be driven…Sex is a God-given gift. What’s happened to sex, like this Ferrari, is we’ve taken it off-road. Many people have taken this God-given gift and used it in a God-forbidden way. It’s going to be great for a while but I don’t think its going to have ultimate spiritual result until we do it the way God intended it. One woman, one man in a marriage,” he said.