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  • Training Oxen by Voice Commands

    This is ISCOWP's first ox training video made in 1995. it contains comprehensive instruction for training a young team.

  • Caring for Cows

    From the spiritual perspective, cow plays a vital role in providing core ingredients for worship. Cows largely influenced social life and economy in the ages when Bharath (ancient India) was the place for peace and prosperity, attracting the attention of the whole world.

  • Bull Calves Rescued by ISKCOWP

    These two bull calves were rescued from a dairy recently by the activists of ISKCOWP (International Society of Cow Protection.) These calves will be protected for life and trained as an ox team to show their usefulness as an argument against their slaughter. In the dairy they are considered useless because they do not produce milk. Unless rescued they will be sold as meat. More information about the project: A video by Chayadevi Dasi.

  • Moral Madness

     Recently a man was jailed for hunting badgers with a dog, and another was fined for shooting a seagull. But when it comes to the meat industry it seems that any amount of cruelty is acceptable.

  • ISKCON Launches "Om Sri Surabhi" Cow Protection Campaign

    The ISKCON Daiva Varnasrama Ministry (IDVM-India) has announced its official launching of the OM Sri Surabhi Campaign, a 12 years initiative invoking “global auspiciousness” centered on the Surabhi Cow, the Universal Mother. The message they wish to convey is simple yet profound: the urgent need to give total and absolute care and protection to Mother Cow.

  • Canada Couple Try to Live Prabhupada’s “Simple Life”

    A husband and wife devotee couple are trying to live a simple life on Canada’s Prince Edward Island according to ISKCON Founder Srila Prabhupada’s instructions – with inspiring results. Gaura Nitai Das, originally from Scotland, and Lala Gopala Dasi, a Cree native from the White Bear reservation in Saskatchewan, Canada, were both initiated by Srila Prabhupada at Bhaktivedanta Manor near London in 1976.

  • Mississippi Kirtan Mela to Promote Cow Protection

    Seven hundred people including animal lovers, environmentalists, alternative medicine enthusiasts and ISKCON devotees are expected to turn out for this year’s Save The Cow Kirtan Mela at New Talavana, Mississippi from October 24th to 26th. The event will raise awareness for New Talavan’s cow protection program – one of the largest in the US – which has cared for a steady 100 cows or more since 1976.

  • "Serenading The Cows With My Trombone"

    A farmer in the US has his unique way of communicating with his cows.

  • New Govardhana Begins Final Stage of Self-Sufficiency Plan

    In the picturesque Tweed Valley in New South Wales, Australia, ISKCON’s New Govardhana farm began work on the final stage of its five-part self-sufficiency plan in late May of this year. Once the plan is complete, it won’t immediately render the community fully self-sufficient; however it will set the farm on the path towards gradually reaching that goal.

  • We Must Accept High Cost of Cow Protection, Says New Minister

    We can have successful cow protection projects in ISKCON. But only if we’re willing to accept the high cost of violence-free milk, and of caring for cows and their handlers.That’s the message that Shyamasundara Das, the recently appointed Global Minister for Cow Protection and Agriculture, is bringing to communities around the world. 

  • The Desi Cow – Almost Extinct

    India is the world’s largest producer of milk. But in 10 years, we will be forced to start importing it. And the Indian cow will no longer exist.

  • Cows Saved from the Slaughterhouse

    These cows have been providing milk for their owner for years, but he could not afford keeping them anymore. Thanks to the German fundraising campaign, these animals avoided the chance of being slaughtered. Watch how they react.

  • Ahimsa Foundation to Certify All ISKCON India Cow Protection Projects

    The Ahimsa Foundation For Cattle Protection (AFFCAP), an organization started in 2012, has developed a certification process for all ISKCON India cow protection projects, or goshalas.

  • USA's First Certified Slaughter-free Dairy Opens at Gita Nagari

    At the European Leaders’ Meetings this fall, ISKCON leaders discussed a common dilemma for devotees today: do we drink milk? Or do we avoid it, since today’s store-bought milk supports the slaughter industry? The answer is to drink milk from our own protected cows. Unfortunately, there are few ISKCON dairy farms in the world today -- but there are some. 

  • In the Land of the Holy Cow, Hindu Fury Over India’s Beef Exports

    The rioters were incensed over an issue arguably as old as India itself: the eating of beef.

  • European Leaders Discuss Milk: To Drink or Not to Drink?

    At the annual European Leaders’ Meetings from October 5th to 6th this autumn, ISKCON leaders from all over Europe had a fascinating discussion on a very current and often controversial topic: whether or not to drink milk.

  • Jude – Champion of the Cows

    Jude Ackland, just 8 years old set his mind on a challenge never even dreamed of by children his age. He cycled 62 miles from Oxford to London for the Ahimsa Dairy Foundation, promoting cruelty-free milk production. Oxford was initially known as “Oxenaforda” meaning “Ford of the Oxen”; it began with the foundation of an oxen crossing around 900 AD.

  • Cow - A Source Of Auspicious Qualities In Human Society

    In vedic society, the cow is not considered a money-making machine but a sacred animal, an entity who softens human passions, elevating humanity to the mode of goodness so that it can lead a peaceful and harmonious life. The cow is considered very sacred in vedic tradition for very good reason. It's good qualities are those that we can emulate.

  • New Talavana's Annual Cow Festival
    ISKCON New Talavana (Mississippi, USA) holds its 6th annual Festival of Cows on Saturday October 20th from noon till 7 PM.
  • New Book Release : Capitalism Communism And Cowism - A New Economics For The 21st Century
    The world is in search of an economic system that works for the people and the Planet. And this search has been going on for the last one hundred years without much success. We may like it or not, but our time and options are running out. Our present economic paradigms are leading us fast on the path of self-annihilation.
  • From Poop To Power: Manure, Life and the Bio-fuel Miracle of the Cow
  • Mad Milk for a Mad World
    You already know that the processed milk sold in shops remarkably differs from the cow's original gift of love. Now clever scientists want to distort the miracle food even more. They do this by cloning cows—altering them by inserting human genes into their DNA.
  • Bacteria Found in Cow Dung Can Make You Smarter

    Researchers from the Sage Colleges in Troy, NY, USA, reported today their findings that specific bacteria common to our environment may increase learning behavior.

  • What Are You Doing For Cow Protection?
    In the spiritual world, in Goloka Vrindavan, Krishna goes out every day to tend cows. And yet it is so difficult to get devotees to be cowherds, to see that this is a respectable future, and to stick with that service. We don’t believe in slaughtering the cow, we don’t believe in eating the meat of the cow. But, when it comes to properly protecting the cows, are we willing to do it?
  • Raw-Milk Advocates Rally for Access to Their Drink

    A "Raw Milk Drink-In" was organized by members of the Massachusetts Raw Milk Network to protest the state’s proposal to limit the activities of raw-milk buying clubs.

  • Cows on Drugs

    The pharmaceutical industry and agribusiness face the difficult challenge of developing antimicrobials that work specifically against animal infections without undermining the fight against bacteria that cause disease in humans.

  • Iceland's Farmers Try to Save Herds From Toxic Ash
    Farmers across the region where the volcano erupted this month under the Eyjafjallajokull glacier have been scrambling to protect their herds from inhaling or ingesting the ash.
  • Understanding the Origins of the Sacred Cow
    Amidst rush-hour traffic, in a city boosting over 19 million people, a large cow and her companion cross the street with reckless abandon. Brakes squealing, horns honking, heads and clenched fists asserting themselves out of car windows in protest- thousands of cars are forced to maneuver and heed the right of way to that divine couple who have now decided to take their morning nap in the middle of Mumbai’s busiest highway intersection. Thus, the phenomenon of the “sacred cow” within India is directly observed.
  • Punjabi Artist Showcases the Sacred Cow
    Delhi-based Sidharth is a prolific artist with characteristic traits and methods. For one, he does not believe in using ready-made paints. He makes his own colors using natural vegetable sources, minerals, clay, organic and inorganic pigments. His studio is lined with bottles in which are kept carefully collected and preserved leaves, barks, berries, herbs, pollen, stamens, iron ores and so on.
  • Give Up Meat to Save the Planet
    People will need to turn vegetarian if the world is to conquer climate change, according to a leading authority on global warming. In an interview with The Times, Lord Stern of Brentford said: "Meat is a wasteful use of water and creates a lot of greenhouse gases. A vegetarian diet is better."
  • New Book On Cow Protection Launched
    September 27th, Secunderabad, India – At an event covered by state and national media, Andhra Pradesh Minister of Education Sri D. Sridhar Babu launched a book by ISKCON devotee Dr. Sanjay Shah (Sahadeva Dasa) entitled To Kill Cows Means To End Human Civilization.
  • Longer Life for Milk Drinkers Say British Researchers
    Research undertaken by the Universities of Reading, Cardiff and Bristol has found that drinking milk can lessen the chances of dying from illnesses such as coronary heart disease (CHD) and stroke by up to 15-20%. In recent times milk has often been portrayed by the media as an unhealthy food.
  • Sanctuary Saves Cattle from Slaughterhouse

    Summer grilling season is in full swing - but while many are flipping burgers and steaks, one local community is firm in its dedication to keep mankind's bovine companions from harm. The New Vrindaban community of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, better known as the Hare Krishnas, near Moundsville has operated a cow sanctuary since the community's inception in 1968 - the first of its kind in the United States.

  • As Steaks Mount, Hare Krishnas Beef Up Appeals to Save Cows
    NEW VRINDABAN, West Virginia, USA -- Saving cows, the Hare Krishnas in this village have learned, is a lot easier in India. Created four decades ago, New Vrindaban was the first cattle sanctuary in the U.S. At its peak, it had 434 bovine refugees. Today, the cattle population is down to 80 because there's not enough money to support more. So the Hare Krishna community is borrowing a tactic more commonly used by charities that try to save people.
  • Holidays, Trees, Gardens, Apes and Violins
    We made the national news recently as our new calf - whom we’ve named Gangotri - was born. We are all very happy to see her into the world and pray that she will never have to struggle like her namesake. The Guardian supplement did a nice piece with a colour picture.
  • Ethical Milk Drinkers Create Cow-sharing Co-ops
    Lovers of raw milk, ethical animal treatment and sustainable local industry are coming together to build on a concept called Herdshare. A herdshare is a co-operative of people who buy a herd of cows and then pay a manager to care for, board and milk their cows. In return, the cow share owners pick up their fresh dairy produce from their local farmers markets, for free.
  • The Brahmans Come Home
    Members of ISCOWP, ISKCON’s cow protection branch, travelled the 1,456 miles from West Virgina to Texas this August to add three new Brahman calves to their herd. No, Brahman cows are not bovines of especially high birth who bathe three times daily and wear sacred threads. But close – they were originally exported from India to the rest of the world, and are the poster-child sacred cows of Hinduism. Immediately recognizable, a Brahman cow is distinguished by a large distinctive hump on its shoulders and a loose flap of skin hanging from its neck.
  • Google Earth Shows Cows' Animal Magnetism

    HERE's a tip - if you ever get lost and need to find north, locate a cow because they reportedly align themselves with Earth's north-south magnetic fields when grazing or resting. While birds, turtles and salmon are known to use magnetic guidance to migrate, cattle were not previously known to possess an inner compass.

  • Cow Urine Trade Goes Official

    Lucknow, Feb. 5: The Uttarakhand government will now buy and sell 5,000 litres of cow urine every day. The government will purchase cow urine from cow owners and then sell it to Ayurveda pharmacies like Patanjali Yogpeeth and Geeta Bhavan, which have volunteered to buy the product for use in manufacture of Ayurvedic medicines.

  • Ashes of Euthanised UK Temple Cow Immersed in Ganges

    Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh), Feb.13 (ANI): The ashes of Gangotri, the euthanised sacred cow of the Bhaktivedanta Manor Temple in the United Kingdom, were immersed in the River Ganges on Wednesday.


  • Caring for Cows in Vrindavan
    Cow protection has become a personal love affair to millions of people around the world. In Vrindavan India, Kurma-rupa Dasa has become increasingly involved in protecting defenceless and abandoned cows, traditionally considered a symbol of religion.
  • Angry Hindu Leaders Condemn Over-zealous RSPCA

    Angry Hindu leaders from across Britain massed for an emergency meeting on Sunday following the putting to death of a cow at a temple outside London. They were united in their condemnation of the ‘officious and self-righteous’ RSPCA, and the ‘unthinking complicity’ of Defra and the police.

  • British Hindus Mobilize to Change Law

    The shock and bereavement felt by Hindu monks yesterday after a temple cow was killed by the RSPCA, was today turning to anger and a mobilisation of Hindus throughout the country.

  • The Madness of Modern Morality

    When the RSPCA decided yesterday to ignore the protestations of her devotee carers and “put down” the ailing Gangotri (a 13 year-old cow living at Bhaktivedanta Manor) they were moved by compassionate considerations. Their spokesperson said, "We do understand and respect religious beliefs but at the heart of our organization is the belief that animals should not suffer." In their view the pain she felt from “infected sores” was such that the only answer was to kill her by lethal injection, which they duly administered as the horrified devotees looked on.

  • British ISKCON Community Betrayed by RSPCA

    In an act that will shock Britain's Hindu community, the RSPCA aided by a vet and escorted by police officers this morning secretly killed a cow at the largest Hindu temple in Britain while worshipers were at prayer.

  • Twin Bulls Born in Vrindavan Goshala

    In late October, there was a quite rare event in the ISKCON Bhaktivedanta Swami Goshala established by Srila Prabhupada in Vrindavana, India. A beautiful black cow named Arati gave birth to twin bull calves.

  • Cow-talk
    They have one word in their vocabulary and it's a single syllable at that.

    But farmers claim cows appear to 'moo' in regional accents, despite their limited conversational skills.
  • RELIGION NEWS: British Hindus Lobby to Save Condemned Sacred Bull
    Hindus in London are trying to prevent the slaughter of a sacred bull which has tested positive for bovine tuberculosis and which, according to government regulations, must be euthanized.
  • A Man, An Ox, Caught Up in An 'Evil System'

    A 20-year-old ox on the farm, named Bala, was nearing the end of his natural life span and had become incapacitated. The usual procedure in such situations, which happen regularly on ISKCON farms all over the world, is to make the animal as comfortable as possible by supplying food, water, shelter, and pain medication when necessary, until death occurs of its own accord. IKSCON community members, including children and others who are well-known to the cow or ox, attend to the dying creature, chanting and praying and stroking it lovingly, until it draws its last breath. This practice is rooted in their theology, which honors the sanctity of all life, even that of an individual ox.