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  • Strong Earthquake in Zagreb, Croatia

    After two major earthquakes on the morning of March 22nd, all inhabitants of Zagreb ran out of their homes. Luckily, ISKCON's Nova Jaladuta temple building did not suffer any major damage, an the Sri Sri Gaura Nitai Deities have been worshiped without disruption.

  • Zagreb, Croatia: National Media Covers the Bliss of Ratha Yatra

    On Sunday, August 11th, Sri Sri Jaganatha, Baladeva and Subhadra made their presence for the fourth time on the central streets and squares of the Croatian capital Zagreb.

  • ISKCON Communications Devotee Meets Prime Minister of India at Prayagraj 2019 Kumbha Mela Global Participation

    Under the organization of Ministry of External Affairs Government of India and Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Prayagraj  hosted at least one person from every country at the occasion of the sacred Kumbh festival.

  • ISKCON Croatia's Communication Success

    Communication achievements within ISKCON Croatia -  such us meeting the country presidents, government officials, city majors and other VIPs - significantly exceed the expectations, which initially were put on such a small team of communication devotees ISKCON has in the Zagreb temple (Nova Jaladuta) in Croatia.

  • ISKCON Zagreb, Croatia, Holds 2nd Ratha Yatra

    In mid-August, Lord Jaganatha accompanied with Baladheva and Subhadra at colorfully decorated chariot passed again through the streets of Zagreb, being followed by many of Their devotees. This was for the second time that the Ratha yatra took place in the capital of and the biggest city  in Croatia.

  • Harinam Mandir's Bus Breaks Down

    On July 2nd while driving to Split in Croatia the Harinama Mandir, a European traveling sankirtan party's bus suddenly started to loose the speed and right away stopped. Devotees heroically pullled and pushed the bus to a nearby town, creating quite a site to the passerbyes.

  • Harinama Mandir's Bus Breaks Down

    On July 2nd, while driving to Split in Croatia the Harinama Mandir, a European traveling sankirtan party's bus suddenly started to loose the speed and right away stopped. Devotees heroically pullled and pushed the bus to a nearby town, creating quite a site to the passerbyes.

  • A Historic Event – The First Ratha-Yatra In Zagreb, Croatia

    On the 6th of August, the capital of Croatia – Zagreb – welcomed Lord Jagannatha with the Ratha-yatra festival for the first time. A big, colorful procession of around 350 people with the wonderful Jagannatha, Baladeva and Subhadra deities joyfully resting on a chariot beautifully decorated with flowers and cookies began its way at the Europski square, proceeding through the main square and finally reaching Zagreb’s biggest city park, Zrinjevac, where kirtan and book and prasadam distribution went on.

  • Croatian Fashion Week Features Bhakti-Inspired Designs

    At the Dreft Fashion Week in Zagreb, Croatia from May 6th to 9th, fashion designer Mandali Mendrilla, a Krishna devotee, displayed designs inspired by the Vaishnava practice of Bhakti-yoga and the philosophy of the Bhagavad-gita.

  • Chanting and Singing in an Ancient Gladiator Arena

    From the 1st - 11th of August, a group of fifteen international devotees gathered in Pula, Croatia, with the aim to spread the holy name throughout the touristic cities of Istria. The participant devotees stayed at the Pula temple and visited four major touristic cities in Istria with a harinam party every night.

  • Japa Retreat on Croatian Island of Iz Offers Deep Realizations
    One couldn’t hope for a better retreat destination—set in the azure waters of the Adriatic sea, the island is beautiful and pure, with pristine white rocks and a light breeze carrying the smell of cedar wood and Mediterranean herbs.
  • Mediterranean Festival Tour Boldly Takes the Holy Name Where No Harinama Has Gone Before

    Twenty devotees from all over Europe as well as the USA and Mexico have departed from the ISKCON temple in Karlovac, Croatia on July 15th for a great spiritual adventure: the eighth Mediterranean Traveling Festival of India. The uniqueness of the tour is to hold harinamas in cities and even countries where the Holy Name has never been publicly chanted before.

  • "Days of India": Special Events in a Croatian School
    In mid-April, a school in Croatia attended by two devotee children, Naryana and Nila, held three "Days of India". Their parents and other older devotees got to talk, cook, dance, organize a musical presentation.
  • Mountaineering Association Goes on “Extreme Japa Walk”

    Hare Krishna nature-lovers from Zagreb, Croatia will be setting off for a Christmas Weekend of “Extreme Japa-walking” this December 25th through 27th. Japa is, of course, the practice of meditatively chanting Krishna’s holy names on beads. And extreme? Well, this trip is just about a textbook definition of the word—a hike up Velebit, Croatia’s largest mountain, in sub-zero temperatures.

  • New Deities Installed in ISKCON Karlovac, Croatia

    Devotees in Karlovac, Croatia, installed Sri Sri Nitai Gaurachandra, their first deities, earlier this month.

    The Karlovac ISKCON temple was established eight years ago, when devotees began holding spiritual programs in the Croatian towns of Križevci, Kalnik, and Lička Jesenica. They also prepared for the monumentous event years ahead of them by travelling to the USA and India to learn how to conduct traditional rites and care for deities.