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Articles tagged as Failure

  • Spiritual Reflections on ‘Joker’, A Movie about Fallible Soldiers

    Lacking atma-tattva, or spiritual knowledge, we forget that the "soldiers" who are supposed to protect us - the government, our family, and the society - are fallible, and we rely on them excessively.

  • Let Failures Not Frighten Us
  • Fail Like a Child -- A Video by Jay Shatty
  • What Hinduism Says About Success

    The success of the first half of life is only understood when the second half of life sets in - usually not by our own doing. According to Hinduism, we "fall" into the second half of life.

  • Failed Success
    They say failures are stepping stones to success. Lately, however, I’ve been thinking how success can be a slipping stone to failure! Swami Prabhupada once commented how he faced two great tests in his life. At one point he was stripped of everything, left penniless, with no fixed abode. Later in life, however, he achieved unimaginable recognition as a powerful spiritual leader.
  • What Defines Us Is Not How We Fall, But How We Rise

    When we fail and lose heart, that’s because we are letting ourselves becoming too self-absorbed in our problems, our failures, our hopelessness.

  • Work In Progress
    Winston Churchill once made an interesting statement. “Success” he said, “is the ability to go from failure to failure without any loss of enthusiasm.” Success may not lie in being perfect, but in determinedly endeavoring to move closer towards perfection.