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  • ECO-Vrindaban Prepares For Another Plentiful Growing Season

    ECO-Vrindaban is preparing for another growing season in New Vrindaban. High tunnel greenhouses allow devotees to offer locally grown flowers and vegetables to Sri Sri Radha Vrindaban Chandra and the temple kitchens all year round.  

  • New Vrindaban Residents Grow Gardens For Food Security Amid COVID-19

    In New Vrindaban, West Virginia, ISKCON’s first rural community which Srila Prabhupada earmarked as an example of sustainability to the world, resident devotees are using the pandemic to push themselves closer to their goal of self-sufficiency.

  • The Corona Virus – an Incentive to Self-sufficiency

    It was once again practically demonstrated that those who are practicing self-sufficiency either to the full extent or at least to some degree are definitely less vulnerable in times of upheavals.

  • Alachua Eco Farm Celebrates Simple Living at Fall Festival

    About 350 people streamed in through the rustic cob entranceway of ISKCON Alachua’s Eco Teaching Farm on October 27th, buzzing and excited to attend its third annual Fall Festival and learn more about simple living and higher thinking. 

  • Scotland’s Karuna Bhavan to Host European Farm Conference

    The ISKCON Ministry for Cow Protection and Agriculture (IMCPA) is busy bringing Krishna conscious farm projects around the world together to share best practices in a series of regional conferences. They hope to hold gatherings in six continents by 2020, culminating in a global summit.

  • Gita Nagari Lifestyle Project Invites Devotees To Experience Village Life

    Founded by Srila Prabhupada in 1974, Gita Nagari is an optimal setting to practice his vision of simple living, high thinking. It has 350 lush green acres, a vegetable garden, 80 protected cows, and its own dairy, all centered around the temple of Sri-Sri Radha Damodar.

  • The Story of Eight Rescued Calves

    This is the story of eight calves rescued by ISCOWP members. View them back in 2014 when they were first rescued and now in 2017 after living 3 years in a protected environment at ISCOWP Cow Sanctuary in Florida. A video by ISCOWP.

  • Priyavrata Loves Apple Slices and Leaves

    Priyavrata is a lover of sliced apple treats and tree leaves. Although there is plenty of grass to eat Priya likes to add to his diet. Priya has been quite peaceful and relaxed although he is king of the herd and has the personality to go with that position. He is also healthy and happy at the ISCOWP Sanctuary. A video by ISCOWP.

  • Indian Ambassador Visits ISKCON Temple in Sweden

    On August 25th, 2016, ISKCON Korsnäs Gård in Stockholm, Sweden, not only celebrated a wonderful Janmastami festival and the 50th anniversary of ISKCON, but also presented the results of an European Union Erasmus+ project named 'Simple Living - High Thinking'. Present were ISKCON members, guests and several VIPs including the Ambassador of India and two politicians from the local municipality. 

  • Four-Continent Conference to Launch Support Network for ISKCON Farms

    This summer and fall, for ISKCON’s 50th anniversary, the GBC Ministry for Cow Protection and Agriculture will run conferences on simple living in four continents. It hopes that the conferences will also launch a support network for ISKCON farms around the world. The Ministry was first established in 1998 by Balabhadra Das of the International Society for Cow Protection (ISCOWP), who emphasized working with oxen and encouraged devotees to take up cow protection as a key part of their mission.

  • Homemade Sugar Cane Juicer

    A video by Vedic Way.

  • How to Plant Bananas

    A video by Vedic Way.

  • "Simple Living High Thinking": The Perfect Soil

    Take a close look at these two plants, we took the seeds from the same fruit and we put them in pots six months ago. What is the main difference that makes it so dramatic? A video by The Vedic Way.

  • "Simple Living High Thinking": Beekeeping for Beginners

    A video by "The Vedic Way." 3D model download:

  • ECO-V Seeks Ox Care and Garden Managers in New Vrindaban

    Two unique opportunities have arisen in New Vrindaban, West Virginia, USA. ECO-Vrindaban, a non-profit organization that promotes Prabhupada’s ideals of simple living, cow protection, engaging oxen, local agriculture, and above all, loving Krishna, is searching for managers for its ox care and garden programs.

  • Why Grow Marigolds?

    By growing these flowers in your yard, you can be assured that mosquitoes will leave you alone and you'll be helping out your local bees, too. 

  • Soil Health Program Boosts Crop Yields Without GMOs

    Chemical farming is the norm, but it does not have to be.

  • ISKCON Launches "Om Sri Surabhi" Cow Protection Campaign

    The ISKCON Daiva Varnasrama Ministry (IDVM-India) has announced its official launching of the OM Sri Surabhi Campaign, a 12 years initiative invoking “global auspiciousness” centered on the Surabhi Cow, the Universal Mother. The message they wish to convey is simple yet profound: the urgent need to give total and absolute care and protection to Mother Cow.

  • Canada Couple Try to Live Prabhupada’s “Simple Life”

    A husband and wife devotee couple are trying to live a simple life on Canada’s Prince Edward Island according to ISKCON Founder Srila Prabhupada’s instructions – with inspiring results. Gaura Nitai Das, originally from Scotland, and Lala Gopala Dasi, a Cree native from the White Bear reservation in Saskatchewan, Canada, were both initiated by Srila Prabhupada at Bhaktivedanta Manor near London in 1976.

  • Srila Prabhupada Envisions a “New” Vrindaban

    In 1968, Prabhupada was issuing instructions about the community: “The Ashram may be named as "ISKCON-Nagari or New Vrindaban.” 

  • Varnashram Ministry Impressed by Nilachal Dham on Tour of Indian Farms

    Recently, Arjuna Krishna Das and Ram Lakshman Das took a month-long tour of seven farm communities across India to report on and unite them all. Both devotees represent ISKCON Daiva Varnashram Ministry, which promotes the development of spiritual eco-communities in India. Their travels took them first to ISKCON Juhu’s satellite farm project Nilachal Dham.

  • Mississippi Kirtan Mela to Promote Cow Protection

    Seven hundred people including animal lovers, environmentalists, alternative medicine enthusiasts and ISKCON devotees are expected to turn out for this year’s Save The Cow Kirtan Mela at New Talavana, Mississippi from October 24th to 26th. The event will raise awareness for New Talavan’s cow protection program – one of the largest in the US – which has cared for a steady 100 cows or more since 1976.

  • Developing ECO-Vrindaban Project On The Lookout For General Manager

    ECO-Vrindaban (ECOV), the self-sufficiency wing of ISKCON’s New Vrindaban community in West Virginia, USA, is on the lookout for a general manager to oversee its steadily expanding operations. Today ECOV has a herd of 48 cows, oxen, and calves, in contrast to the 300 it started with at its inception. This may at first seem like a step back, but it’s actually an intentional move towards a far more sustainable model.

  • Introducing Brazil's New Gokula Dham

    A video produced by Jaya Deva Das. 

  • Gita Nagari Farm Listed as Success Story by US Department of Agriculture

    The United States Department of Agriculture has listed ISKCON’s Gita- nagari Farm in Port Royal, Pennsylvania as one of the most important success stories of preservation and sustainability in 2013. 

  • New Govardhana Begins Final Stage of Self-Sufficiency Plan

    In the picturesque Tweed Valley in New South Wales, Australia, ISKCON’s New Govardhana farm began work on the final stage of its five-part self-sufficiency plan in late May of this year. Once the plan is complete, it won’t immediately render the community fully self-sufficient; however it will set the farm on the path towards gradually reaching that goal.

  • We Must Accept High Cost of Cow Protection, Says New Minister

    We can have successful cow protection projects in ISKCON. But only if we’re willing to accept the high cost of violence-free milk, and of caring for cows and their handlers.That’s the message that Shyamasundara Das, the recently appointed Global Minister for Cow Protection and Agriculture, is bringing to communities around the world. 

  • Cintamani Dham in Irvine, Kentucky, USA: A Blossoming ISKCON Farm Community

    With this desire and missionary spirit in place, at the age of 65, UK-born Adikarta Das and his wife Rucira Dasi decided to start life anew; they packed up lock, stock and barrel, and after scouting through several properties, decided to settle on a heavenly locale in Irvine, Kentucky, calling it Cintamani Dham.

  • USA's First Certified Slaughter-free Dairy Opens at Gita Nagari

    At the European Leaders’ Meetings this fall, ISKCON leaders discussed a common dilemma for devotees today: do we drink milk? Or do we avoid it, since today’s store-bought milk supports the slaughter industry? The answer is to drink milk from our own protected cows. Unfortunately, there are few ISKCON dairy farms in the world today -- but there are some. 

  • India Creates Organic Seed Bank In Response to GMO Suicide Seeds

    In India there are a group of organic seed-collecting activists who have decided to take Monsanto down – by beating them at their own game.

  • Harmony in the Bhagavad-gita

    The Bhagavad-gita, one of the oldest spiritual teachings in existence, explores the themes of harmony and purpose, work and attitude, love and reciprocation and is lightening and brightening lives today. A book trailer for Harmony and the Bhagavad-gita: Lessons from a Life-Changing Move to the Wilderness by Visakha. 

  • France Plans on Doubling Organic Farmland Area by 2017

    France is the European Union's biggest agricultural producer and has lately seen rapid growth of organic framing.

  • Can Family Farming Make Poverty History?

    In just 12 years leading up to 2010, Vietnam cut the country's malnutrition rate in half by investing in small scale farming.

  • ISKCON Devotee Elected to Council of Eco-Village Network
    GEN describes itself as a constantly expanding group of intentional communities and eco-villages, that bridges all cultures and aims to create a global pool of wisdom for sustainable living.
  • ISCOWP Cares for Krishna’s Dearmost Friends
    With Lord Krishna’s appearance day, Janmastami, just passed, it’s especially enlivening to look at one of these devotees who takes care of Krishna’s dearmost friends, the cows.
  • D.C. Gardener Encourages City Temples to Go Green
    As environmentally-friendly living becomes more and more of a concern in a modern society where Earth’s resources are fast running out, ISKCON has an increasing responsibility to set a good example.
  • Simple Living at the Krishna Eco Farm, Lesmahagow, Scotland
    Lesmahagow, a quiet village near Glasgow, founded by monks in the 12th century is again home to monks but of a different order. In 1987 Hare Krishna monks moved into a humble property here, and began to develop an ambitious program and turned the site into a state-of-the-art Eco Farm.
  • ISKCON European Farm Conference Held at New Vrajamandala, Spain
    25 ISKCON devotees took part in the farm conference hosted at New Vrajamandala, Spain on the 7th to 9th of May, 2012. The conference participants heard a number of presentations on a diverse range of topics such as on a business selling wheat grass juice, on how to treat cow`s eye cancer successfully, or what European grants are available for ISKCON farms.
  • ISKCON`s Global Village Initiative Committee Meets In Mumbai
    ISKCON`s Global Village Initiative Committee (GVIC) met for the second time after it's inception last year. The committee was fored under the ausipices of GBC as part of strategic planning initiative.
  • Pillars of Sustainability: Conference in Krishna-valley, Hungary
    From October 9th to 16th, sponsored by the European Union, the ISKCON associated Eco Valley Foundation of Hungary held a week long seminar called Pillars of Sustainability, at New Vraja Dhama, the Hare Krishna farm community in the South-Western part of the country.
  • Gita Nagari Farm Shares Bounty with City Temples
    Devotees at Gita Nagari, ISKCON’s 350-acre farm in scenic Port Royal, Pennsylvania, have recently launched a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program to supply nearby city temples with organic produce.
  • Krishna Valley Visitors Learn Sustainability and Mud-House Building
    One professor and seven university students from France, Germany, the US, and Belarus attended a seven-day mud house building workshop at Krishna Valley from June 6th to 12th, as part of their landscape development and management study.
  • Cherry Pie, Raspberry Jam and Action Plan at Saranagati Eco Village
    Living in close proximity with nature and with devotees who are serious farmers gives a deeper insight in what is involved to grow food and to live a more sustainable lifestyle.
  • From Poop To Power: Manure, Life and the Bio-fuel Miracle of the Cow
  • ISKCON Family Finds Real Wealth in Cows and the Land
    “I think that the agrarian lifestyle goes so much better with Krishna consciousness,” says Ruchira. “It slows you down to a more meditative pace, where you start observing nature more, and really seeing the cows as spirit souls. Our philosophy comes more alive in that environment.”
  • "Grow More Food!": The Guyana Mood
    Guyana’s present government has been pushing for agrarian reforms. One can see large boards on the highway saying `GROW MORE FOOD`! Some of the government policies directly support the aims and goals of an agrarian renaissance.
  • Can Farming Make It in the Big City?
    Entrepreneurs are looking to urban farms and rooftop gardens as an alternative to traditional farms. While start-up costs are higher, these efforts could pay off with long-term environmental benefits and better tasting veggies.
  • ISKCON Farmers Leave European Conference with New Ideas, Inspiration

    Thirty devotees from ISKCON farms all over Europe attended the fourth annual ISKCON European Farm Conference from May 10th through 12th this year, hoping to gain inspiration as well as practical advice for their various rural projects.

  • Service Opportunities At Gita Nagari Farm, USA
    Gita Nagari Organic Yoga Farm in Port Royal, PA, USA seeks a hard working bhakti yoga practitioners to engage in various services.
  • Fourth Annual Global Daiva Varnasrama Convention
    Fourth Annual Global Daiva Varnasrama Convention was recently held at Sridham Mayapur from 4th March to 7th March. One of the most interesting sessions were on 'Ksatriya Dharma', on 'Social Norms- A Case Study of the Amish Community` and `Self Sufficiency Efforts`.
  • Upcoming Farm Conference in the UK
    The fourth European farm conference will be held at Bhaktivedanta Manor on the 10th, 11th, and 12th of May 2011. This conference is for those ISKCON devotees who are actively involved in farming, cow protection and agriculture
  • Daiva Varnashrama Ministry to Inaugurate Mayapur Regional Office on January 20
    The first in a series of Daiva Varnashrama Ministry Regional Offices will officially be launched in Sri Dham Mayapur on January 20th, 2011. In an effort to increase the awareness about the on-going activities of the ISKCON Daiva Varnashrama Ministry and to give an opportunity for more individuals to get involved, the ministry plans to open a series of regional offices.
  • Globalization Destroys Rural Communities Worldwide
    Punjab used to be the most prosperous agricultural region in India. Today every farmer is in debt and despair. Vast stretches of land have become water-logged desert. And as an old farmer pointed out, even the trees have stopped bearing fruit because heavy use of pesticides have killed the pollinators - the bees and butterflies.
  • Hungary`s Krishna Valley Devotees Elected to Local Mayor’s Council
    Since 1998—for the past three elections—one of the seven people on the Mayor’s council in the village of Somogyvamos in Hungary has been an ISKCON devotee. This year, there will only be four people on the Mayor’s council, as well as the newly elected Mayor Mrs Marianna Dekanyne Karoly—and three of them will be devotees.
  • Festival of the Cows in New Talavana
    Saturday, November 6th brings New Talavana's (Mississippi, USA) Fourth Annual "Go Puja Mela- The Festival of the Cows".
  • Food and Faith: Agriculture as a Theological Act

    Wendell Berry has said that eating is an agricultural act. I have always suspected that agriculture is a theological act. The way we produce and consume something as basic as our food not only determines our physical and environmental health but is a reflection of our social health and a contributing factor of our spiritual health.

  • Krishna Valley Teaches Sustainable Living to Thousands
    Established in 1993 by ISKCON guru and GBC Sivarama Swami, Krishna Valley is a sustainable farm community of the kind that ISKCON founder Srila Prabhupada encouraged devotees to establish all over the world.
  • European Commission And Religions: Fighting Poverty Together
    In the European Year against poverty and social exclusion 2010 the European institutions engage in a dialogue with religious leaders, including Sivarama Swami ISKCON representative.
  • Hare Krishna Cook Plans Fast Food Chain With A Difference
    Adiraja Dasa, author of 1989’s The Hare Krishna Book of Vegetarian Cooking, is planning to launch the first in a nationwide chain of healthy vegan fast food restaurants called “Peacemakers” in summer 2011.
  • You Are What You Grow
    How is it that today the people with the least amount of money to spend on food are the ones most likely to be overweight?
  • Organic, Small Farmers Fret Over FDA Regulation
    Small farmers in California who have led a national movement away from industrial agriculture face a looming crackdown on food safety that they say is geared to big corporate farms and will make it harder for them to survive.
  • Detroit Looking At Downsizing To Save City
    Detroit, the very symbol of American industrial might for most of the 20th century, is drawing up a radical renewal plan that calls for turning large swaths of this now-blighted, rusted-out city back into the fields and farmland that existed before the automobile.
  • December 2010 Conference: Food, Farming, & Faith
    First Announcement and Call for Participation.
  • Interview: Gaura-Sakti Dasa of Hungary's Krishna Valley Project

    ISKCON's Krishna Valley self-sufficient rural project in Hungary now attracts 30,000 tourists per year. Why did these young people turn to a natural and simple life? What is the mission of their community? Gaura-Sakti Dasa, the president of Krishna Valley ISKCON community, answers these questions for Krishna Valley Magazine (published by Manorama Dasa, Hungarian Society for Krishna Consciousness).

  • European Farm Conference Inspires Hope for Sustainable Future
    The New Vraja Dhama Farm Community in Hungary hosted the first ever annual ISKCON Farm Conference this May. Devotees from America, England, Belgium, Germany, Czech, Slovakia, Poland, Sweden, and Hungary attended, many of them cowherds and farmers. European CPA (Cow Protection and Agriculture) Minister Syamasundara Dasa organized the event, aiming to reverse the decline in ISKCON Farm development within the last ten years.
  • Australian ISKCON Farm Goes Officially Organic
    This week the ISKCON New Govardhana farming project in Australia received organic certification from the national Organic Growers Association. After several rigorous inspections, the farm was granted a certificate of compliance which allows all fruit and vegetables grown to carry the official OGA logo.
  • Natural Disaster Strikes New Govardhana Festival
    At the beginning of every year a gathering takes place at the ISKCON New Govardhana Community in Australia. Devotees come from all around the world to hear thoughtful classes, dance in the blissful kirtans and honor the sumptuous feasts offered to the Supreme Lord with love and devotion. This year’s schedule ended up a lot different from previous years as unexpected flash flooding was a prominent theme.
  • Farm to Family Food Project Unveiled
    New Vrindaban’s Small Farm Training Center, a project of SANTEE Farm and Gardens, is distributing free organic produce to four social service agencies in the greater Wheeling/Moundsville area thanks to the pioneering efforts of Julia Charvat.


  • Seeds of Suicide
    Suicide by pesticide: It's an epidemic in India, where farmers try to keep up with the latest pest-resistant seeds only to find themselves trapped in a vicious cycle of pesticides that don't work, drought and debt. Since 1997, more than 25,000 farmers have committed suicide, many drinking the chemical that was supposed to make their crops more, not less, productive.
  • WWOOFING on a Hare Krishna Farm, Australia

    World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF). Willing Workers on Organic Farms is a loose network of national organizations that facilitate placement of volunteers on organic farms. The video was filmed at on the Hare Krishna Farm in Murwillumbah, New South Wales Australia.