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  • Paramahamster: The Devotee Hipster

    Our "Paramahamster" comic strip follows an enthusiastic devotee as he navigates a 9 - 5 work day in the corporate world. Please check back weekly for new episodes!

  • Maha-Mantra Featured at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Moscow

    Married devotee couple Vadim Eremeev and Kira Sergeeva delivered a beautiful, soaring acoustic performance of the Hare Krishna Maha-Mantra, the bhajan “Jaya Radha Madhava,” and the chant “Sarva Mangalam” at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Moscow this October.

  • “Mata and Me” Clothing Brings Families Together in the Most Adorable Way

    From the beginning, Ananda-Lila was enchanted by Indian and Vaishnava clothing, and wanted some for her daughters Jamuna, 10, and Tulasi Priya, 2. But she had never been to India, and it was hard to find something comfortable, attractive and natural. So she began designing her own clothes for her children, to match with hers. Others wanted in too, and a unique new company was born. She called it “Mata and Me”.

  • The Devotee Wears Prada

    Fall is the perfect time to look at one of those areas – fashion – where ISKCON is seeing a second-generation-led explosion lately. That explosion is being embraced by the ISKCON devotee congregation, as well as reaching the yoga community and beyond, into the mainstream. Should Hare Krishnas care about fashion? The success of many Kuli-led fashion companies suggests that they already do. And designers say that’s a good thing, boosting self-esteem, inspiring enthusiasm to attend temple festivals, and allowing us to visually communicate who we are.

  • Miss Fashioned

    Not everyone sees with as careful an eye as Kennedy Fraser, the fashion writer for The New Yorker, whom I quoted in last week’s posting. She extolled the costume of the Krishna devotees, “whose apricot robes come into their own when they are not swathed in mufflers.” The notable word here is “apricot,” remarkable for its precision.

  • Devotee Fashion Designer’s “Radha Pada” Collection Featured in British Vogue

    The latest collections by award-winning fashion designer and Krishna devotee Mandali Mendrilla, inspired by her path of devotion, have been featured in the February issue of British Vogue magazine. The magazine’s staff told Mandali that they felt her beautiful contemporary designs would be a perfect fit for their customers.

  • Croatian Fashion Week Features Bhakti-Inspired Designs

    At the Dreft Fashion Week in Zagreb, Croatia from May 6th to 9th, fashion designer Mandali Mendrilla, a Krishna devotee, displayed designs inspired by the Vaishnava practice of Bhakti-yoga and the philosophy of the Bhagavad-gita.

  • Fabric of the Gods Show Displays Vaishnava Fashions

    Hundreds packed into the auditorium at Srila Prabhupada’s Samadhi in Mayapur, West Bengal at 7pm on February 21st to watch Fabric of the Gods, a show depicting Vaishnava fashions throughout history.

  • Karen Walker Looks to Hare Krishnas for Unexpected Style Inspiration at Unfussy New York Fashion Week Show

    Would Hare Krishnas wear Karen Walker? Probably not. The designer’s show focused on just that: Krisha-style clothes.

  • Devotee Fashion Designer Dedicates New Collection to Late Husband Nitai
    Internationally reputed haute couture designer Mandalli Mendrilla—better known to her friends in ISKCON as Mandali Dasi—is displaying her new collection, SLAVE2LOVE, on her website only, rather than on a catwalk, in tribute to her late husband Nitai Dasa.
  • Radharani Adorns Dress by India's Youngest Fashion Designer

    Srimati Radharani expressed her inconceivable benevolence to India’s youngest fashion designer Nishka Lulla when she benignly adorned the outfit designed by Nishka on Her auspicious appearance day – Radhastami which fell on 27 August 2009 this year.

    Nishka won the ‘Creative Excellence Award’ for the Barbie all Doll’d–up show at the Lakme India Fashion Week 2009 where many of India’s leading designers participated to design an outfit for Barbie for her 50th anniversary. The winning design was Nishka Lulla’s whose outfit was worn by actor Katrina Kaif.

  • Fashion: The Dying Art of the Sari
    I am standing in Dilli Haat, New Delhi's popular open-air handicrafts market, feeling a little guilty. My usual uniform for a hot summer evening — jeans, sandals and a comfortable cotton tunic — is putting people out of business. "People in Delhi have abandoned their own traditional clothing," says Bilal Ahmed, 24, a weaver who works for his family business in Jammu and Kashmir. Ahmed and his family specialize in Kadhai work, a type of embroidery. "We have started making more suits and shirts than saris," he says. "People don't buy saris anymore. Now they buy jeans."
  • Looking Good

    I was studying religion in graduate school. I was into the counterculture; I owned a real pea coat; my hair was, well, longish; my friends were, by and large, hippies. Most of the religion department took me for a real hippie. But my friends didn’t mistake me for one of them: I was, after all, in graduate school. It was one of my “hippie” buddies who took me to a Hare Krishna temple, and that led, to my everlasting surprise, to my next fashion change. I joined the Hare Krishnas: I wrapped myself in a dhotī; shaved my head, leaving the tuft of hair called a śikhā on the back, and showed up one day like that at the Department of Religion.