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  • Giving Human Rights to the Yamuna Is Not Enough, New Documentary Reveals

    Recently, a high court in India declared the Yamuna river a living entity, bestowing on her the same legal rights as a person. Many shared the news on social media, excited about this seemingly major move towards cleaning up the heavily polluted river, once called “dead” by the United Nations. But a closer look shows that the development, while a nice gesture, won’t actually achieve much.

  • Audiences Call The Joy of Devotion Film “Truly Inspirational”

    Feedback is now flooding in from audiences around the world who have watched the first comprehensive documentary film made about ISKCON in 30 years – “The Joy of Devotion,” released on December 10th for Gita Jayanti. In the 86-minute feature, the people of the Hare Krishna Movement share how Srila Prabhupada, ISKCON and devotion to Lord Krishna changed their lives, and how in turn they’re trying to make a difference in the world. Viewing it has made a deep impression on many. So far it has been screened in twelve countries.

  • Update on the Prabhupada Biopic

    The film HARE KRISHNA! — formerly titled ACHARYA—the 90 minute feature length documentary on the life of Srila Prabhupada is nearly finished. Post-production in Los Angeles is winding down and the film should be finished by the end of this month, thus coming to a close 3 years of production work. The film’s official world theatrical has been locked in for mid June 2017 in New York City.

  • Srila Prabhupada Film To Hit Theaters This Summer

    An ambitious new ninety-minute documentary film about the life of ISKCON Founder Srila Prabhupada is set to be released in June this summer, and will be a historic event. It will be released in art theaters in twenty key cities throughout the U.S., beginning with New York City.

  • ISKCON UK Starts 2017 on an Inspirational Note with the UK Film Premiere of “The Joy of Devotion”

    On Thursday 5th January 2017, ISKCON London and Bhaktivedanta Manor, co-hosted the UK film premiere of The Joy of Devotion at the Camden Centre in central London to a large and enthusiastic turnout of approximately 300 leaders, community members and those who have recently taken an interest in the ISKCON movement, as well as those who participated in the film.

  • "The Joy of Devotion" Feature Documentary Released

    In a new documentary film released on December 10th for Gita Jayanti, the people of the Hare Krishna Movement share how Srila Prabhupada, ISKCON and devotion to Lord Krishna changed their lives, and how in turn they’re trying to make a difference in the world. One of the final events of the ISKCON 50th anniversary year, the 85-minute film has been called “one of the best films ever produced about ISKCON” by the society’s Communications Minister Anuttama Das.

    The film is now available for public screening. Click for more info:

  • New Film Aims to Bring World Fame to Bhagavatam

    “The Time of the Sages,” a documentary film currently in production, will aim to bring the same kind of worldwide recognition to the Srimad-Bhagavatam as is awarded to the Bhagavad-gita. The hour-long film will follow scholar Krishna Kshetra Swami (Dr. Kenneth Valpey), a research fellow at the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies, as he interviews fellow academics and visits key places in India relevant to the Bhagavatam.

  • “The Joy of Devotion” Film Released, Shows Global Impact of Krishna Devotees

    One of the final events of the ISKCON 50th anniversary year, the 85-minute film has been called “one of the best films ever produced about ISKCON” by the society’s Communications Minister Anuttama Das.

  • Happy 50th Anniversary, ISKCON!

    In 1965, a 69 year-old spiritual teacher from India arrives in the West and settles among the hippies of New York’s Lower East Side. From a tiny storefront, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami starts a revolution of consciousness influencing tens of thousands in the US and worldwide. But what happens to his spiritual movement , the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), after their charismatic leader’s passing? Will it survive? Will it change? Can an ancient Eastern religious tradition be relevant in the modern 21st century?

  • Short Film About ISKCON’s Global Contribution Reaches 100,000 People

    The documentary short “Hare Krishna: 50 Years of Service and Joy,” showcasing the society’s many impressive contributions, released back in February for ISKCON’s 50th anniversary, by now has reached over a hundred thousand people all over the world. The film had over forty thousand viewers on YouTube, and was screened in 28 countries and 51 cities during large public festivals, temple programs, VIP-, interfaith-or educational events attended by various audiences.

  • 2nd Vaishnava Film Fest Celebrates ISKCON Talent

    The 2nd Annual Vaishnava Film Festival, held from March 18th to 20th in Mayapur, West Bengal, premiered new productions, awarded upcoming and veteran filmmakers, and showed how ISKCON is truly beginning to embrace the most popular medium of the 21st century. Over the first two nights, held during the famous annual Mayapur festival, thirty trailers, shorts, and documentaries were shown in Srila Prabhupada’s Samadhi Auditorium.

  • "Hare Krishna: Fifty Years of Service & Joy" Documentary Released Online

    What happens to ISKCON after its charismatic leader’s passing? Will it survive? Will it change? A new documentary short has now been released online and is available to share worldwide.  

  • New Short Film Shows ISKCON’s Global Contribution

    Released for ISKCON’s 50th anniversary, the twenty-minute film showcases the society’s many impressive contributions to the world. 

  • How Movies Embraced Hinduism (Without You Even Noticing)

    From Interstellar to Batman and Star Wars the venerable religion has been the driving philosophy behind many hit movies. Why?

  • Second Vaisnava Film Awards at Mayapur Festival 2016

    In 2006, there have been many "films" made since then. The time has come to honor the best productions during the past 10 years.

  • Award-Winning Russian Short Asks the Big Questions

    Forget to Remember, the new transformational short film from young Russian director Shaktyavesha Avatar Das, is now available online with English subtitles. The 36-minute Russian language short won second place at the viewer-voted Moscow film festival “I See God,” which is dedicated to work that explores different understandings of God.

  • 50th Anniversary Film “Joy of Devotion” to Show ISKCON’s Diversity and Growth

    A new documentary currently will show what the seeds Srila Prabhupada planted 50 years ago thriving around the world.  

  • Rescuing the Stolen River Premiers at Asia’s Largest Green Film Festival

    The festival, which ran from October 9th to 13th at Delhi’s NDMC Convention Centre, is ranked in the top two environmental film festivals in the world. It deals with a vast range of issues including climate change, natural heritage conservation, biodiversity, and renewable energy. This year, the festival received a total of 178 entries from India and around the world. 


  • Muvi Studio Launches Video-on-Demand Service for ISKCON

    The International Society For Krishna Consciousness – in partnership with Muvi LLC has launched its Video-on-Demand (VOD) service with an aim to bring its library of spiritual and devotional content, such as lectures, films and documentaries, to ISKCON followers all over the world.

  • Award-Winning Vrindavan Film Inspires Reconnection

    “People go to Vrindavan and their lives change… for the better,” says Shyam Gopal Das (Maksim Varfolomeev), who wrote and directed the 40-minute film Reconnection with his wife Vijaya Radhika Dasi (Olga Avramenko). The film has won an Award of Excellence from the Best Shorts Competition, whose previous winners have gone on to win Oscars and Emmys.

  • Mantra, Sounds into Silence - Teaser Trailer

    Mantra — Sounds into Silence is a feature-length documentary in production that, through the eyes – and ears – of its’ protagonists, explores the new music and social phenomenon of chanting.

  • Day 5 of the ISKCON GBC Meetings Focuses on ISKCON's 50th Anniversary

    The fifth day of the Annual General Meeting of ISKCON’s Governing Body Commission focused on celebrating the 50th anniversary of ISKCON.

  • Long Lost

    'Long Lost' explores the anxieties, the hope, the questions that arise within us all including, 'what is love? - as in, REAL love?' This film is attempts to encourage others to also delve deep within. Watch Long Lost and share Tim's ordinary night out and the extraordinary (re) connection. A film by Shaktyavesa Avatara Das.

  • Hare Krishna Society Shocked by Treatment of Children in “The Wolfpack”

    ISKCON Communications Ministry has issued a media release about the film "Wolfpack" that was screened at Sundance Film Festival in the USA on Sunday. The film has received a significant amount of media attention. Wolfpack portrays a true story of a family in New York City where the father locked his children inside their four-bedroom apartment for years--except for occasional supervised visits outside. 

  • How Movies Embraced Hinduism

    It was Star Wars, with its theme of a transcendental “force”, which opened up mainstream American culture to Indian esotericism more than anything else.

  • Spiritual Short “Long Lost” Hits the Film Festival Circuit

     “Long Lost,” a new 25-minute short film about a young man encountering Krishna consciousness as he searches for answers in life, is being well-received at film festivals and other events internationally. In August at the Russian film festival “I See God,” which features different film-makers’ interpretations of how they perceive the Almighty, Long Lost was chosen for third place out of 65 shorts by the audience themselves.

  • Long Lost - Trailer

    'Long Lost' explores the anxieties, the hope, the questions that arise within us all including, 'what is love? - as in, REAL love?' This film is attempts to encourage others to also delve deep within. Watch Long Lost and share Tim's ordinary night out and the extraordinary (re) connection. Directed by Shaktyavesa Avatara Das. 

  • New TOVP Film Released As Construction Progresses Steadily

    A brand new professionally-shot documentary about the construction of ISKCON’s flagship temple, the Temple of the Vedic Planetarium in Mayapur, West Bengal has just been released, as the initial burst of progress settles to a slower yet steady pace.The documentary is the second in a multi-part series focuses on the community behind the ambitious project.

  • Reconnetion: Official Trailer

    An internet person, Sean Fletcher tries to run from a broken relationship by taking a trip to Himalayas, but finds himself stuck in a small Indian town, Vrindavan, that turns out to be an unusual place. A movie by Vrindavan Experience is coming soon.

  • Entrance Into Eternity Part I: Moonrise (Trailer)

    As the rising moon dispels darkness, so too did the Golden Avatar Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu appear in this world to bestow infinite light, hope, and love. Day by day, the worldwide bhakti revolution He ignited accelerates, as the background noise of doubt and fear is drowned by the vibration of sacred mantra. A video by the KRIYATE group.

  • ISKCON News Announces Video Contest Winners

    In the Fall 2013, ISKCON News called out to Krishna devotee videographers to send their short videos of inspiring Krishna-conscious people, stories, interesting Krishna-conscious projects, events or activities, or their Krishna-conscious music videos. There were over 50 contestants applied from 14 different countries, and shared their inspiring short films of various subjects, including festivals, spiritual retreats, Deity worship, outreach and artistic programs.

  • Calling ISKCON Artists and Entertainers to Mayapur

    From February 16 – 20, ISKCON Mayapur will host the ISKCON Leadership Sanga (ILS). Over 800 temple presidents, GBC members and sanyasis are expected to attend. Following the ILS is the annual Mayapur Gaura Purnima Festival which will run from 27 February until 18 March, 2014. This festival attracts at least 5 000 devotees from all around the World.

  • A New Short Film on the "Journey with the Bhagavad-gita"

    Visakha Dasi has just released a new short video A Bumpy Journey Toward Harmony with the Bhagavad-gita. It is a 24-minute DVD with music, sound effects, provocative wisdom and over 250 stunning photographs.

  • Acharya Film Seeking Interviewees

    There is an urgent need for an updated, revised film on ISKCON-founder Srila Prabhupada with language and imagery appropriate for 21st century viewers.

  • Bhakti Short Film Fest in Australia

    Films on Bhakti filling up cinemas?  Yes it is happening. In the Tweed Valley, Australia local devotees have just celebrated the second annual Bhakti Short Film Fest. The event has been held in the local Murwillumbah "Regent" Cinema.

  • Nature’s IQ Film Premieres in Budapest and New York

    The premiere’s venue, the prestigious Urania National Movie Theater in Budapest, was completely sold out ten days before the event. Nearly 500 people—mostly paying members of the general public, along with media, crew members and their families—packed into the plush theater, which was built in the 1880s and resembles a Rajasthani palace.

  • TOVP Film Documents the Rise of ISKCON’s Biggest Temple
    As construction on the Temple of the Vedic Planetarium—ISKCON’s flagship temple in Mayapur, West Bengal—continues, a new documentary has been released online at and on Youtube chronicling the temple’s rise.
  • Story of Krishna Hits Indian Cinemas This Janmastami
    On August 3rd, the weekend before Lord Krishna’s appearance day Janmastami, Indian families flocked to see “Krishna Aur Kans,” a 3D animated feature film based on ISKCON Founder Srila Prabhupada’s book Krishna: The Supreme Personality of Godhead.
  • ISKCON Receives Grant to Produce Smartphone Videos
    ISKCON Communications has received a grant from Odyssey Networks, America’s largest multi-faith production company, to produce thirteen short films for its Call on Faith app for smartphones.
  • Film on Spirituality and the Global Economy
    Good filmmaking is about making people stop and look deeply into their own hearts -- to turn each of them into a better person.
  • Upcoming Film, Tour and Book Highlight the Women of Bhakti
    Devotee film-makers Jahnava Dasi and Hillary Tapper have just wrapped shooting on Women of Bhakti, a film about inspiring women following the ancient path of loving devotion to God and His servants that will be released along with a tour and a book in Summer 2012.
  • Nature’s IQ Film: Smart Animals Challenge Darwin

    A new documentary film called “Nature’s IQ,” set to premier late this spring, aims to inspire open dialogue about alternatives to Darwin’s Theory of Evolution.

  • Faith Gets Star Treatment At Sundance Film Festival
    Out of 120 Sundance features scheduled to show at the Jan. 20-30 festival, 12 are overt stories about religion, or chronicle protagonists largely defined by faith, says John Nein, senior programmer for the festival.
  • Radhadesh Film Offers Up Lentil Soup for the Devotee’s Soul

    Film-maker Vasudeva Dasa had planned to spend only three days at ISKCON’s Radhadesh community in rural Belgium to celebrate the annual Janmastami festival, when a doctor advised him to stop traveling and rest for three week—and he got an unexpected offer that would make a strong impression on him.

  • An Opportunity for Devotee Videographers
    ISKCON News invites videographers to contribute a once-off video material or to become a regular reporter for ISKCON News.
  • Spirits Rise High with Sun Valley Spiritual Film Festival
    In its sixth year, the Sun Valley Spiritual Film Festival is a testament to the world's changing spiritual climate.
  • The Rathayatra That Started Them All Comes to DVD
    As Rathayatra season comes to a close, devotees can immerse themselves in the one that started them all in ISKCON film-maker Vasudeva Dasa’s new English language version of his little-seen 1992 classic, Pulling Krishna Home.
  • Julia Roberts: I`m A Practicing Hindu
    Julia Roberts revealed to Elle Magazine and other sources that shooting in India and Bali made a great impact on her. “The entire Roberts-Moder family goes to temple together to chant and pray and celebrate. I'm definitely a practicing Hindu," says Roberts, who grew up with a Catholic mother and Baptist father.
  • Bollywood Star Dev Anand To Remake Hare Rama Hare Krishna
    Age is definitely no bar for Bollywood's evergreen actor Dev Anand. Raring to go even at 86, the veteran actor is planning to remake his 1971 hit, Hare Rama Hare Krishna soon.
  • Lessons from Slumdog Millionaire
    According to USA Today, "When Slumdog Millionaire swept the Oscars on Saturday night, its triumph provided as uplifting a story line as the movie itself. For such an unlikely film to win - independent, low budget, much of it in a foreign language - underscores an American strength that's sometimes forgotten: the ability, as a nation of immigrants, to embrace and assimilate people from different cultures."
  • Hindus Offer Forgiveness if "Love Guru" Visits Temple

    Sympathizing with Hollywood celebrity Mike Myers over his “Love Guru” being declared the “worst movie” of the year, protesting Hindus have offered forgiveness if he pays his obeisance in a Hindu temple. US-based Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, who led the protests against “The Love Guru” for lampooning Hinduism starting March last, in a statement in Nevada (USA) today, said that ksama (forgiveness) was one of the main virtues of Hindu ethics.

  • Catholic Church Praises Film on Reincarnation

    What a pleasant surprise. For those who like their films visually appealing and literate, intelligent and delightful, this will be a most satisfying entertainment. It is G-rated though it is not a children's film. The screenplay is an imaginative expansion by Alan Sharp (Rob Roy) of a small novel written in 1936. The book is principally conversations between the narrator of the novel and the Anglican dean who comes to dinner to discuss reincarnation.

  • Hindus Urge Hollywood Not to Reimagine Ramayana
    Hindus have urged the makers of newly announced Hollywood movie “Ramayan 3392 A.D.” to stay true to the story and the spirit of the timeless epic.
  • Jews Join Protest Over Futuristic 'Ramayana'

    Jews have come out in support of the Hindus who seem to be perturbed by the recent announcement of Hollywood movie “Ramayan 3392 A.D.”, which Hindus allege appears to pillage their sacred scripture Ramayan.

  • Editorial: In Reluctant Defense of the Love Guru
    Over the years, I’ve met more than a few ABCDs who have stories of how Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom – full of monkey-brain-eating Hindus and a murderous Kali-worshiping villain changed their lives. The stories differ in details (some were teased at school for a while, others so mortified that they hid their religion from their friends for years), but are all eerily similar in how traumatically the film affected how we looked at our faith. We’ve considered starting a support group for Temple of Doom survivors.
  • Young Fliers See the Film, Be It PG or R
    A husband shoots his wife in the face, then drags her body from the pool of blood. A 12-year-old boy is crushed against a fence by a car. These are images from movies shown to passengers recently on overhead screens in airlines, and they are sources of a new and vigorous outcry from parents, flight attendants and children’s advocacy groups who say that in-flight entertainment has become anything but family-friendly.
  • Films, Book Explore Mormons' Darkest Hour
    One hundred fifty years ago, a glorious September morning in the Utah mountains morphed into Mormonism's darkest hour when a skittish militia opened fire on a wagon train, leaving more than 120 men, women and children dead in a flowery field.