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  • ISKCON Kolkata Rebuilds After April Fire

    The ISKCON Kolkata temple has rebuilt damaged areas after an April 26th fire which burned the Deities’ dress room with all 300 outfits in it.

  • News Brief: Fire in Kolkata ISKCON Temple, Deities are Safe

    Yesterday, Monday, April 26th, at around 6 pm, devotees heard a blast then found smoke in the Albert Road, ISKCON Kolkata Temple. The Deities were moved to a safe location, but the damage was severe in the dress and Deity rooms. 

  • Lithuania’s Holy Name Monastery Destroyed In Fire

    During the night at around 1:30 AM on July 14th, one of the brahmacaris heard a cracking sound and went to check it. He saw the temple building on fire. Brahmacaries quickly took the Deities out to safety from the burning building. 

  • Devotees Safe in Australia Fires, Extending Help to Others

    Starting in September last year, bush fires have been causing widespread devastation in Australia, particularly in New South Wales. According to ISKCON Australia Communications Director Bhakta Das, no devotees have been injured, as the fire is some distance from ISKCON’s farming communities.

  • Fire Causes Major Damage to Govinda’s of Tucson, Arizona

    A fire has caused major damage to Govinda’s restaurant at ISKCON of Tucson, Arizona, depriving the community of its income. The temple has also lost power; however no devotees or Deities were harmed.

  • Jayadev and Gaurangi Featured on California Camp Fire Charity Album

    When she saw the devastation, Barbara Sobel, a New York music promoter and CEO of Sobel Promotions felt she couldn’t sit by and do nothing. So she contacted an eclectic group of artists, including Jayadev and Gaurangi, asking for an unreleased song for a compilation charity album.

  • Hay Fire at Bhaktivedanta Manor

    Firefighters were called to a blaze at the Hare Krishna Temple site near Aldenham. Several bales of hay were well alight at the Goshala barn. The fire is believed to have begun at around 1pm and firefighters arrived within ten minutes.

  • Music Video: Dhanya - Fire

    ‘Fire' written and performed by Dhanya. Produced by Robin Livingston and Dhanya. Directed by Rasa Partin Stylist: Ganga (Wild Mudra).

  • Blazing Fire Destroys Cow Barn at Radhadesh
    On February 3rd the cow barn at ISKCON Radhadesh, Belgium burnt to the ground. The reasons for the fire are not yet known.
  • Meditating in Silence as the Fire Draws Near
    Those living in the path of a huge wildfire typically express all sorts of emotions, but in one remote Buddhist community in southeastern Arizona, the reaction has been muted.
  • Wildfire Attacks Brazil’s Pandavas Paradise Retreat

    A huge wildfire engulfed Pandavas Paradise, ISKCON’s 1,000 acre retreat center in the grassy plateaus of Chapada dos Veadeiros, central Brazil on Sunday September 19th.

  • Samsara in California

    As I write, California burns. Multiple wildfires continue to afflict the land.California! For so long the migratory terminus of American dreams, her own Hollywood gave those dreams back to the world crafted in dazzling pageants of lights and shadows that seemed more real than reality itself.