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  • What Did Prabhupada Mean In His Statements Concerning Hitler?

    Questions about statements from Srila Prabhupada concerning Hitler and the Jews.

  • Guru and GBC Bhakti Bhusana Swami Hospitalized With Encephalitis

    After suffering from increasing dizziness, weakness of memory, and loss of cognitive abilities, guru and GBC Bhakti Bhusana Swami was hospitalized on Sunday May 3rd in Germany. On Tuesday May 5th, doctors diagnosed him with a type of encephalitis, which causes inflammation of the brain. 

  • Germany’s Unique Kirtan Simha Festival Centers Around Lord Narasimhadeva

    Today there is a proliferation of different kirtan festivals all over the ISKCON world. But Germany’s Kirtan Simha is unique: a mystical experience centered around the Lord’s half-man, half-lion avatar Narasimhadeva.

  • ISKCON Munich Evicted From Temple

    Devotees at the only ISKCON center in Munich have been given six months to leave. They have been renting the center for twenty-one years since 1996. But now the landlord plans to demolish the building and turn it into new flats, and has given them until October 30th to get out.

  • Archival Video: Srila Prabhupada in Germany
  • German Interfaith Dialog Asks ‘Do Religions Cause Peace or War?’

    An interreligious dialog, held in ISKCON Germany/Austria’s headquarters near Frankfurt from April 21st to 23rd, will discuss the very topical question, ‘Religion: Peacemaker or Cause of War?” This will be the third annual such event organized by ISKCON and Religions for Peace, the largest international coalition of world religion representatives dedicated to promoting peace. About 100 people will attend this April’s event

  • Discord in Angela Merkel's Government After Environment Ministry Bans Meat at Official Functions

    A row has broken out in Angela Merkel’s government after the environment minister banned meat at official functions. Barbara Hendricks claims eating meat is damaging to the environment.

  • Dina Sharana Devi Dasi Speaks on ISKCON 50th

    The Inspiration Series is a set of video clips where ISKCON leaders speak about the importance of ISKCON's 50th anniversary celebrations in 2016, with a view to encouraging active participation from the worldwide community of devotees. In this episode. Dina Sharana Devi Dasi speaks about the importance of ISKCON 50.

  • Berlin’s Historic Ratha Yatra

    Devotees in Berlin held their annual Ratha Yatra on July 30th near to Brandenburg Gate, Germany’s most famous landmark. It was an historic occasion which brought tears to the eyes of many devotees, including Sacinandana Swami who has served in the German yatra for over 40 years. A video by Ananta Vrindavan.

  • ISKCON Gears Up For Incorporation Day

    After years of planning for its 50th anniversary, and nearly six months of celebrations this year so far, ISKCON is now gearing up for its Golden Jubilee Incorporation Day on July 13th, 1966. And temples, centers, and individual devotees all over the world are getting ready to do something big for founder Srila Prabhupada, whom many feel they owe their lives to.

  • Devotee Yoga Teachers Meet to Develop ISKCON-Wide System

    ISKCON yoga teachers will gather at the Simhachalam farm in Germany August 13th to 17th to develop an ISKCON-wide system for presenting Mantra Yoga through their professional yoga studios. Fifteen teachers will attend the “Strategic Planning Meeting,” including Jiva-Maya Dasi and Ranga Devi from the UK; Matsya Avatar Das from Italy; and Krishna Kripa Das, who teaches yoga and meditation to prison inmates in Spain.

  • Sannyas initiation of Krishna Kshetra Swami

    Produced by Inci Milano.

  • Sannyas Initiation of Krishna Kshetra Swami (trailer)

    A video by Inci Mutlu Milano.

  • A Day at Goloka Dhama

    This short film depicts a day at Germany's Goloka Dham farm, just before Krishna Kshetra Swami's sannyasa initiation. A video by bhaktin Inci Milano.

  • The Traveling Temple Touches Hearts in Germany
    A brand new outreach project is spreading Krishna consciousness around Germany with joy, color and enthusiasm that’s simply infectious. All six core members of Der Fahrende Tempel—or The Traveling Temple—are celibate monks called brahmacharis.
  • Second Generation to Share and Inspire at German Kuli Mela
    The festival, which has already been held in various locations around the US, Russia, Europe and Australasia is intended as a forum for “Kulis” to share their talents and realizations as well as to be educated and inspired.
  • No Tax, No Blessing: German Church Insists On Levy
    The road to heaven is paved with more than good intentions for Germany's 24 million Catholics. If they don't pay their religious taxes, they will be denied sacraments, including weddings, baptisms and funerals.
  • Indian Ambassador of Germany Receives Yamuna Protest Letter
    Representatives of ISKCON Germany handed a letter of request to "Save Yamuna River" to the Indian Ambassador Mrs. Sujatha Singh at her mansion in Berlin on the occasion of the 66. year of Indian Independence. The Ambassador read the letter on the spot and gave her full support.
  • European Devotees Gather to Respect Their Protector in Simhachalam
    In every ISKCON temple around the world, the morning greeting ceremony is held to the sweet, gentle sounds of “Govindam Adi Purusham” sung by the late Yamuna Devi. Not in Simhachalam. There, new visitors are startled by a ground-shaking crash of thunder, followed by Vedic brahmanas chanting “Om Narasimhaya namaha.”
  • Germany Hosts the World’s First Four-Day Kirtana Mela
    Today, possibly more than ever before in ISKCON’s history, kirtana—the ancient call and response chanting of God’s names—has become a major focus. Devotees in Germany headed by Sachinandana Swami and local GBC Dina Sharana Dasi hope to take this focus to a new level: they have invited 1,000 devotees from all over the world for four days of uninterrupted kirtana.
  • Kirtan Mela in Germany
    ISKCON Germany wishes to take the world of kirtan to the first international, 6-day, all-kirtan Mela, the biggest international kirtan event ever. Many expert kirtaniyas have been invited. Among many others Sacinandana Swami, Niranjana Swami and Govinda Swami have confirmed their participation.
  • Study Highlights German Foreign Ministry's Role in Holocaust
    Historians have found that the German Foreign Ministry was far more deeply involved in the Holocaust than had been thought. A new study commissioned by former minister Joschka Fischer in 2005 is due to present its findings this week, and concludes that diplomats went on covering up the past for decades.
  • European Women’s Seminar Nurtures and Inspires
    Twenty-six devotee women from the Czech Republic attended a seminar entitled “Nurturing the Devotee Within You to Serve the Devotees Around You” from July 3rd to 9th this year, in the tranquil setting of Germany’s Simhachalam farm.
  • Summer Training Courses for Ladies
    Beginning on July 3rd 2010, at ISKCON`s Simhachalam Farm in Germany there will be two training courses for ladies.
  • German Devotee Children Experience Cultural Integration

    Seven devotee children celebrated a special day of their own in Germany with twenty of their school friends and their friends' family members on a Sunday in May at Goloka-dhama, in Abentheuer. The event was organized so that the devotee children could have a Vedic version of their Catholic friends' First Communion ceremony.

  • German Court Clears Way for Visit by Sun Myung Moon

    A German court has ruled that the country's constitution does not allow it to block visits from the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, the head of the Unification Church. The ruling reflects a general softening of bans—if not public sympathies—toward religions seen as "fringe" in Germany. Berlin, for example, recently was required to grant official recognition to Jehovah's Witnesses.