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  • New Educational Booklet Explores ISKCON and Hinduism

    A newly-published booklet, entitled “ISKCON and Hinduism: Exploring the Hare Krishna Movement and its Broader Traditions,” will be used to help students and teachers in schools, as well as visitors to ISKCON temples, better understand ISKCON and how it relates to broader Hinduism.

  • Indian Women Breaking Down Barriers to Religious Leadership

    For more than a decade, Khadkikar, one of a growing number of Hindu priestesses, has solemnized marriage, birth and death ceremonies for Hindus in India and abroad.

  • Six Lesser-known Spiritual Songs of George Harrison, the Hindu Beatle

    George Harrison embraced Hinduism in 1969 after a meeting with Swami Prabhupada.. He recalled that the impact of the meeting was similar to a door opening in his sub-conscious.

  • Official 'Well-Being' Statistics Show Religious People Are Happier Than Atheists

    Of all the faiths in the UK, Hindus are the happiest, scoring well above the UK national average.

  • ISKCON Supports Hindu Declaration on Climate Change

    ISKCON has signed the Hindu Declaration on Climate Change issued on November 23rd, showing its support along with 60 other Hindu leaders and organizations. The Declaration was put together by the Bhumi Project at the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies, both of which count ISKCON devotees amongst their staff.

  • The Future of Hinduism in America's Changing Religious Landscape

    The principal challenge to the religious commitment of a new generation of Hindu Americans is the indifference to religion.

  • A Peep Into Afghanistan's Hindu Past

    Archaeological excavations in this region conducted by Sir Estine led to the recovery of uncountable shrines and inscriptions.

  • How Movies Embraced Hinduism

    It was Star Wars, with its theme of a transcendental “force”, which opened up mainstream American culture to Indian esotericism more than anything else.

  • How the World Loved the Swastika - Until Hitler Stole It

    Archaeological finds have long demonstrated that the swastika is a very old symbol, but ancient examples are by no means limited to India.

  • What Hinduism Says About Success

    True success, according to Hinduism, is not in the achievements of the first half of life, but in the unraveling of a deeper mystery of our authentic identity and relationship with this transient world.

  • ISKCON Supports Bill to Accurately Portray Hinduism in School Textbooks

    As a monotheistic Gaudiya Vaishnava tradition under the broader umbrella of Hinduism, ISKCON has signed on to support a new bill that would require school textbooks to more accurately portray Hinduism, as well as other religions and cultures.

  • ISKCON Participates in Hindu Forum of Europe General Assembly

    Several ISKCON leaders participated in the Hindu Forum of Europe’s General Assembly meetings in Savona, Italy on July 3rd and 4th this summer. “We’re trying to make sure that Hinduism is considered an official religion in EU countries, not an obscure sect,” says HFE President Radj Bhondoe. “So far it’s only officially recognized in three EU countries: the Netherlands, the UK and recently Italy. So there’s a lot of work to do.”

  • Hinduism Is Arizona's Second-largest Religion

    Hinduism is the second-largest practiced religion in Arizona, according to the U.S. Religious Congregations & Membership Study from 2010.

  • ISKCON Calls for Respect and Cooperation Among Hindu Communities

    Lately, in India there has been an ongoing war of words between the Shankaracharya and the followers of Sai Baba. Now there is a threat that the conflict will escalate and apart from the court cases, it will spill over into a physical fights. ISKCON Communications Minister Anuttama Dasa and Communications Delhi representative Yudhisthir Govinda Dasa have released an official statement addressing the situation.

  • ISKCON and Hinduism in Indonesia

    Many years ago, Indonesia and much of Southeast Asia today was a part of India and its Vedic heritage. Much resemblance of India and its culture is seen in Indonesia. This includes the moral structure, the language, the arts and to some extent, the religion. As Indonesia only recognises six official religions, all religious organisations has to be linked to either one of them. 

  • Do We All Worship the Same God?

    I would like to think so. Something tells me that heaven isn't divided up into a Hindu, Christian, Muslim and Jewish heaven.

  • UC Irvine Students Try 'Speedfaithing'

    Students have 10 minutes to discuss the essentials of Catholicism, Islam, the Mormon Church and even atheism.

  • A Hindu Halloween Lament

    When I was growing up in the 1980s, every autumn Diwali waged a valiant but losing battle against Halloween. If my sister and I were caught in the crosshairs of the holiday war, our immigrant parents were its real casualties.

  • Encountering God: Hindu and Christian Perspectives

    Radhanath Swami and Francis Clooney, two individuals whose deep journeys into their own Hindu and Christian faiths have not only lead them to encounter God but the tradition of the other.

  • Hindu Forum of Europe: EU Commission President’s Religious Leaders Meeting
    18 senior religious leaders from all over Europe met on May 30th to discuss the EU’s yearly theme of “citizenship” hosted by the EU Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, President Van Rompuy and Vice Presiden Laszlo Surjan, and organized by the Bureau of European Policy Advisors (BEPA) headed by Katharina von Schnurbein.
  • Do Hindus Worship Many Gods?

    A talk by Dr Nick Sutton of the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies Continuing Education Department ( delivered at Leicester Friends of the OCHS.

  • Overcoming the Scars of Our Caste Past
    The essence of the Vedic culture, today known as Hinduism, teaches that none of us are white, black, brown, red or yellow. We are spiritual beings, eternally lovers and servants of God, who have forgotten our spiritual nature and are wandering through this material world seeking happiness via money, power, sex, fame and other temporary will-o-wisps.
  • Encountering God: Hindu and Christian Perspectives with Fransis Clooney and Radhanath Swami

    Francis Clooney and Radhanath Swami, two individuals whose deep journeys into their own Christian and Hindu faiths have not only lead them to encounter God but the tradition of the other.

    Francis Clooney's decision to teach in Katmandu, Nepal, as part of his Jesuit missionary training, ushered his introduction to various religions and a lifelong study in comparative theology. Clooney is Professor of Comparative Theology and Director of the Center for the study of World Religions at Harvard. His numerous publications include Beyond Compare: St. Francis and Sri Vedanta Desika on Loving Surrender to God (2008), The Truth, the Way, the Life: Christian Commentary on the Three Holy Mantras of the Srivaisnava Hindus (2008), and Comparative Theology: Deep Learning across Religious Borders (2010). He has been a Roman Catholic priest for over 30 years and is a member of the Society of Jesus.

    Radhanath Swami was born into a Jewish family in the suburbs of Chicago in 1950. At the age of 19, he traveled to Europe and hitchhiked his way to India in his search for God. His journeys allowed him to study many of the world's major traditions in their country of origin. These adventures are gathered in his recent autobiography, The Journey Home: Autobiography of an American Swami (2010). He has been a Hindu monk for the past 40 years and leads a congregation of over 10,000 in and around Mumbai, India.

  • Are ISKCON Devotees Hindus?
    "There is a misconception that the Krishna consciousness movement represents the Hindu religion." "We are spreading Hindu culture throughout the whole world." Both these seemingly contradictory quotes were spoken by Srila Prabhupada.
  • Encountering God – Hindu & Christian Perspectives on Going Deeper Into Spiritual Experience

    On Friday, April 20th, Radhanath Swami joined Francis X. Clooney S.J. a Jesuit priest and Harvard theology professor at Columbia University in New York for an interfaith dialogue program to discuss how do they encounter God in each other`s traditions.

  • Building Hindu Relationships in Europe
    Between March 27th – 28th, 2012 the Hindu Forum of Europe held its Hindu Leaders Meeting in Radhadesh followed by a Networking Luncheon and a conference at the European Parliament in Brussels.
  • Hindu Leaders Will Meet at European Parliament in Brussels

    Hindu leaders and ISKCON devotees from all over Europe will meet on March 27th and 28th in Belgium for The European Hindu Leaders Meeting organized by the Hindu Forum of Europe (HFE). Venues include ISKCON’s Belgian headquarters Radhadesh, and the European Parliament in Brussels.

  • US Military’s First Hindu Chaplain Follows God’s Call
    In May 2011, Captain Pratima Dharm was appointed as the US Military’s first Hindu Chaplain. The move was groundbreaking for the 1,000 or so Hindus serving in the US military, as well as their families, who until then had lacked a military confidant who understood their religion and culture.
  • First Hindu Chaplain in US Military Is 'Groundbreaking'

    Until recently, the 1,000 or so Hindus serving in the US military - and their families - lacked a military confidant who understood their religion and culture. But now Captain Pratima Dharm has been appointed as the US military's first Hindu chaplain.

  • Becoming Hindu and Finding the Essence of All Spiritual Paths
    Forty years ago, that kind Sikh gentleman opened a door to a spiritual quest by allowing me entrance into India. Recently I was reminded of this event, when I was granted the privilege of an audience with India's president, Pratibha Patil. I had to smile, recalling how dramatically things had changed in my life since my first entry to India.
  • Hindu Americans: The Surprising, Hidden Population Trends of Hinduism in the U.S.

    In the 1960s and 1970s, Hinduism seemed on the path to spectacular growth in the United States as immigration laws eased and some Indian spiritual leaders were embraced by the counterculture of the l960s. The forecasts were half right.

  • India Remains Calm After Ayodhya Verdict

    Calm prevailed in India a day after a court ordered splitting a disputed holy site in the northern town of Ayodhya between Hindus and Muslims.

  • Hinduization of ISKCON? What do you mean exactly?
  • New And Old Conversation: Hinduism`s Balancing Act
    Hinduism around the world finds itself facing modernity (coping with science and technology) and post-modernity (the erosion of traditional values due to globalization).
  • Hinduism Summit in California
    The Forum for Hindu Awakening, a nonprofit, tax exempt, budding Hindu organization extends its invitation to the upcoming California Hinduism Summit.
  • Preservation and Emergence: Hinduism's Role in the Public Sphere
    Hinduism must find voices that express religious and traditional concerns in a manner that steers it away from the literalism and fundamentalism that have dogged other religions.
  • Future of Religion: News Series Start With Hinduism launched a new eleven-week series on the “Future of Religion.” The series begins with the “Future of Hinduism.”
  • Mythology, Media, and the Future of Hinduism
    In an age of terrorism, wars, and environmental degradation, the need for the tales of the gods is stronger than ever. The challenge for us is simply to tell them better.
  • India Moves To Make It Easier For Couples To Divorce
    Up until now, a divorce would in most cases be granted by the courts only if there were mutual consent. Now, the Indian government has proposed a new law, which will make it easier for couples to get divorced.
  • Hindu Shoes and Missed Lessons in Globalization
    There are two possible explanations for this fiasco. One: some marketing executives were sleepwalking during their inter-cultural orientation training, or two: there is something more sinister afoot. Either way, since American shoemaker Keds Shoes began to promote its Hindu Keds Shoes line, my affinity for the sneaker maker, an affinity cultivated early in my childhood by their television commercials which filled me with dreams of being a sports hero, has soured considerably.
  • Hindu Gods on US 'Stamps'
    Devotional postages can be used in place of official stamps.
  • We Are All Hindus Now
    America is not a Christian nation. We are, it is true, a nation founded by Christians, and according to a 2008 survey, 76 percent of us continue to identify as Christian (still, that's the lowest percentage in American history). Of course, we are not a Hindu—or Muslim, or Jewish, or Wiccan—nation, either. A million-plus Hindus live in the United States, a fraction of the billion who live on Earth. But recent poll data show that conceptually, at least, we are slowly becoming more like Hindus and less like traditional Christians in the ways we think about God, our selves, each other, and eternity.
  • Two Ancient Religions Behave Like Old Friends

    Recent studies found that, on average, Jews and Hindus are the most educated religious groups in the United States, with similar economic structures and the highest retention rate of believers. Yet there is little exposure of one faiths to the other. On June 14, a Hindu-Jewish interfaith meeting in New York and Washington helped the two faith groups make each other’s acquaintance.

  • Crimes Against India: and the Need to Protect its Vedic Tradition

    Hinduism remains the most attacked and under siege of all the major world religions. This is in spite of the fact that Hinduism is the most tolerant, pluralistic and synthetic of the world's major religions. Hindu gurus have more than any other religious teachers in the world tried to find an underlying unity of religion to create peace in humanity. Yet though Hindu gurus have called for respect for all religions, leaders of other religions have not responded in kind by offering any respect for Hinduism.

  • Princeton to Hold “Hinduism in the 21st Century” Week

    PRINCETON, NJ, USA: A special week of events at Princeton will focus on Hinduism in 21st Century America. Princeton University’s Hindu Life Program and student group Princeton Hindu Satsangam are collaborating to host ten separate events packed into one week of celebration and awareness.

  • Rally as Brahman Priests Return to Pashupatinath

    KATHMANDU: Hundreds of people cried and sang in jubilation on Thursday as Hindu devotees began a victory march to celebrate the return of Indian priests to Nepal's 17th century Pashupatinath temple and the pledge by the humbled Maoist government not to interfere in its management.

  • Nepali Students Protest Religious Appointments

    KATHMANDU (AP): University students angry at the government's decision to appoint the head priests at Nepal's most revered Hindu temple blocked traffic and threw bricks at cars in Katmandu on Monday. The nearly 200 students were demanding the government, led by the country's former communist rebels, withdraw the two priests named last week to lead Pashupatinath temple in Katmandu. No one was hurt in the protest.

  • HAF Condemns Banning of Hindu Group in Malaysia

    A prominent U.S. based human rights group, the Hindu American Foundation (HAF), today joined a growing chorus demanding restoration of civil rights in Malaysia after the recent banning of the Hindu Rights Action Force (HINDRAF).

  • Hindus Urge Hollywood Not to Reimagine Ramayana
    Hindus have urged the makers of newly announced Hollywood movie “Ramayan 3392 A.D.” to stay true to the story and the spirit of the timeless epic.
  • Jews Join Protest Over Futuristic 'Ramayana'

    Jews have come out in support of the Hindus who seem to be perturbed by the recent announcement of Hollywood movie “Ramayan 3392 A.D.”, which Hindus allege appears to pillage their sacred scripture Ramayan.

  • North American Hindus Hold Conference in Michigan

    Hindu Mandir (Temple) Executives representing 113 Temples and Hindu Organizations from more than 25 states of US and Canada and Caribbean converged in Romulus, MI to attend the Third Hindu Mandir Executives Conference (HMEC), from September 26, 2008 through September 28, 2008.

  • UK's First Hindu Faith School Opens

    Pupils are due to start term at the UK's first state-funded Hindu school. The Krishna-Avanti Voluntary Aided Primary School is in Edgware, north London, an area where almost a third of people are Hindu. The school offers an education based on Hindu values and beliefs but lessons will follow the national curriculum.

  • ISKCON Member to Head Hindu Life Program at Princeton

    PRINCETON, NJ - This fall, Hindu students at Princeton University will have something they’ve never had before: a chaplain of their own. The University’s Office of Religious Life has hired Vineet Chander, a second-generation Hindu-American and national leader of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), as its Coordinator for Hindu Life.

  • Violence Will be Met with Violence, Togadia Warns

    New Delhi, Sep 10 (IANS) Unfazed by the criticism his group has faced over the violence in Orissa, Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) leader Praveen Togadia has said that violence against Hindus will be met with violence.Even as he denied the involvement of the VHP, the radical Hindu group, in the attacks on the Christian community and churches in the state, he insisted that Hindus had the right to retaliate.

  • Indian Flavour in Belarus

    MINSK (BELARUS): As many of the residents of this Belarusian capital head for their dachas on weekends, a group of girls — young and not so young — prefer to stay back home and head in the evenings for a special class that would help them achieve their dreams — to learn the classical Indian dances. The teacher is not Indian but a Belarusian.

  • The Wonderful Hindu Invasion of ISKCON
    Indian Hindus are populating ISKCON Temples in the West in a way never seen before over the last forty-two years. This is happening all over the world at a massive rate and is not a phenomenon, as some suggest. The fact is, as India becomes a wealthier nation, we can only expect more and more students to leave India and attend Western educational institutions as well as many more arriving from India to become citizens of other countries.
  • VHP's Anti conversion Swami and Four Others Killed

    Bhubaneswar, Aug 23: Vishwa Hindu Parishad leader Swami Lakshmanananda Sarawaswti and four others were killed when a group of armed men attacked his Jalespata ashram in Kandhamal district of Odisha on Saturday night. A letter with a threat to eliminate the Swami was received at the ashram at Jalespata under Tumudibanda Block of the tribal-dominated backward district on Friday.

  • Nepal Looks for Girl to Serve as New "Living Goddess"

    KATHMANDU, Aug 12 (Reuters) - Religious authorities in Nepal have begun the search for a girl who could be as young as three or four to serve as the new Kumari, or the virgin "living goddess", in a centuries-old tradition. Astrologers were consulting horoscopes of candidates from Buddhist Shakya families to replace the current Kumari, Preeti Shakya, who is 11 and should retire during the annual Hindu festival of Dasain in October, temple officials said.

  • Radha Kunda Dasa

    On June 20, 2008, The Love Guru hit theaters, amidst controversy that the film is offensive in its depiction of Hindu themes. In a notable departure from other organizations, the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), popularly known as the Hare Krishna movement, released a statement rejecting calls to protest the movie, and encouraging others to view the film with tolerance and a sense of humor.

  • Drums Greet UK's First Hindu State Primary School
    Britain's First Hindu state school has been launched with a traditional ceremony of Indian drums and the chanting of ancient prayers. Pupils at Krishna-Avanti Primary School will have dedicated yoga and Sanskrit lessons and will grow vegetables, in line with the strict vegetarian principles of the school.
  • Primitive Polytheism or Misunderstood Monotheism?
    In today's culture war pitting secularism versus religion, Eastern religions usually get a free pass from atheist authors and other foes of faith. But that doesn't mean that Hindus can afford to rest on their laurels. Several new books from Hindu experts and advocates seek to dispel misconceptions, including negative ones, about the ancient Indian tradition.
  • Hare Krishnas Strike a Soft Tone in Houston
    Dr. Hansa Medley wakes up at 3:30 a.m. once a week and walks to the Hare Krishna Temple just around the corner from her small bungalow in northwest Houston. There she joins her mother, sister and three other devotees to prepare the temple's nine deities for the day. Before the first Arati ceremony at 4:30 a.m., they carefully lay out special outfits for eight statues, choosing coordinating jewelry and face paint.
  • Judge Denies Motion for Summary Judgment Against CAPEEM
    California Parents for the Equalization of Educational Materials (CAPEEM) scored a major victory on Tuesday when Judge Frank C. Damrell, Jr. of the United States District Court of the Eastern District of California rejected  the defendants' motion to dismiss CAPEEM's lawsuit to correct inaccuracies in sixth grade history textbooks.
  • Indian Music to Feature in UK's School Curriculum
    London (PTI): Lilting strains of the sitar and other forms of Indian music will feature prominently in the curriculum of schools in London from the forthcoming academic year starting in September. The Harrow-based Krishna Avanti Primary School, Britain's first state-funded Hindu school, will weave elements of Indian music, dance, drama and yoga into the national curriculum.
  • Utah Temple Project Grows Roots in Mormon Country
    Whatever made the Hare Krishna movement build a Hindu temple in the midst of Mormon dominated Utah? “The Lord built a temple here just to show He could do it. Caru Dasa, the president of the temple, has often said, “He did it as a prank.”
  • Survey: Hindus Have the Lowest Divorce Rate in USA
    Not only are the Hindus and Mormons the most likely to be married (78 percent and 71 percent respectively), but also the most likely to be married to someone within their own faith (90 percent and 83 percent respectively), a landmark survey that details the religious affiliation of the American public and explores the remarkable dynamism taking place in the US religious marketplace has found.
  • "Man marries Dog" and Other Strange Tales from India

    Serious news organizations often run stories that have no impact on world affairs but merely showcase some of the zany things happening in far-flung corners of the earth. It’s fun to read about the man who was forced to marry a goat in Sudan — a somewhat tragic story since his goat-wife apparently died soon after when she choked on a piece of plastic — but when a Western media organization reports on the odd happenings in parts of the developing world, is there an implicit moral judgment?

  • ISKCON Presents at Gathering of Hindu Leaders
    Orlando, Florida – More than one hundred delegates, representing several Hindu temples and organizations in North America, gathered for the “Dharma Summit” held on December 14 – 16. The three-day meeting called together leaders from various sampradayas to address issues of common concern and share best practices.
  • Hindu Temple Brought Down in Malaysia
    KUALA LUMPUR: A top Malaysian minister has urged local authorities in this Muslim-majority country to immediately cease demolition of Hindu temples after a 100-year-old shrine was pulled down early this week.
  • Airline Fined for Serving Beef to a Hindu Man

    Hindustan Times has reported that Japan Airlines was forced to pay a fine of 50,000 rupees for serving beef to a Hindu man on a flight from Dehli to San Francisco.

  • Goats Sacrificed to Fix Nepal Jet

    Nepal's state-run airline has confirmed that it sacrificed two goats to appease a Hindu god, following technical problems with one of its aircraft.

  • First Hindu Temple to be Built in China

    The first Hindu temple in Communist China is under development. The Chinese government has invited members of an Indian trust to design a replica of the grand Akshardham temple in Delhi.

  • RELIGION NEWS: British Hindus Lobby to Save Condemned Sacred Bull
    Hindus in London are trying to prevent the slaughter of a sacred bull which has tested positive for bovine tuberculosis and which, according to government regulations, must be euthanized.
  • Books: Hinduism Textbook by Satyaraja Dasa Published

    Greenwood Press, one of the world's leading publishers of reference titles and academic texts, released a new textbook on Hinduism last week.  Written by independent scholar Steven J. Rosen (Satyaraja Dasa), it is the final volume of a six-part series called Introduction to the World's Major Religions.