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  • Argentina Hosts Latin America’s Biggest Disciples Course Ever Virtually

    So far tens of thousands worldwide have completed the course, which has inspired a family togetherness amongst devotees, as well as a strong dedication to Srila Prabhupada, their gurus, and Lord Chaitanya’s mission.

  • Hare Krishna Film Arrives In 92 Latin American Cities in March 2018

    The Hare Krishna! film is finally arriving in Latin America. Currently, there are 92 theaters scheduled the film’s screening throughout the continent starting in March.  

  • The BBT’s Training Program Is Transforming Book Distribution in Latin America

    Since 2007, the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust’s training center for new book distributors – Colegio Bhaktivedanta in Mexico – has been gradually strengthening book distribution culture in Latin America. Now, with visible results all over the continent and two new centers on the way, this innovative idea seems to be reaching its turning point.

  • ISKCON News’ Spanish Website Recovers From Hacker Attack, ISKCON News’ Spanish language website, is back in action after beating off a hacker attack which targeted the site back on April 26th. “I received an email from an unknown sender asking for money in exchange for solving problems on the website,” says managing editor Baladeva Das, who also serves as the Communications Director for ISKCON Argentina. “I thought it was spam and deleted it.”

  • First Annual Congress Brings Latin American Educators Together

    The first “Latin American Congress of Education with ISKCON,” brought together ISKCON educators from all over South America, along with prospective collaborators. Their goal was to create effective networks amongst each other, share inspiring reports of educational efforts; identify strengths and challenges faced in ISKCON education in South America; and develop practical proposals for implementation.

  • Instituto Jaladuta Improves Scriptural Knowledge in Latin America

    While it may still be something of a well-kept secret, at least in the English-speaking world, Brazil’s Hare Krishna Seminary of Philosophy and Theology has been systematically educating Portuguese-speaking devotees in Srila Prabhupada’s books since 2001.

  • BBT Goes Global in Latin America

    During the second week of April (7-13th), Cochabamba, Bolivia, South America received a visit from five representatives of the Spanish anguage branch of the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust. ISKCON News had the opportunity to interview the five participants and get to know about the plans and surprises that await Latin America and Spain in 2014.

  • Temple and Restaurant Remodeled at ISKCON Caracas, Venezuela

    In Caracas, the capital city of Venezuela, ISKCON devotees have recently finished remodeling their temple and restaurant, with beautiful results. It’s a fresh new beginning for a community that has worked hard at spreading Krishna consciousness since 1972.