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  • Lithuania’s Holy Name Monastery Destroyed In Fire

    During the night at around 1:30 AM on July 14th, one of the brahmacaris heard a cracking sound and went to check it. He saw the temple building on fire. Brahmacaries quickly took the Deities out to safety from the burning building. 

  • Padayatra Spreads Holy Names Throughout Lithuania

    The group traveled a total of 1,000 kilometers by bus, starting in Kedainiai in the middle of the country, and ending in the resort city of Palanga on the West Coast. Along the way, they stopped in eleven cities, putting on two events each day.

  • Bhakti Sharan Shanta Swami Passes Away

    Bhakti Sharan Shanta Swami departed from this world on March 26th in Lithuania. 

  • Lithuanian Winter Festival Keeps Hearts Warm

    Around 550 devotees from all over Eastern Europe and beyond gathered for the Vaishnava Winter Festival in Lithuania this year, warming their hearts with a steady diet of nectarean seminars, ecstatic kirtans and delicious prasadam.

  • 800 Devotees Immerse in Krishna at Lithuanian Summer Getaway

    800 devotees from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Ukraine, Belarus and Russia got to immerse themselves in Krishna consciousness in one of the most gorgeous natural settings in the world this August. They were attending the 17th annual Vaishnava Summer Festival in Lithuania, which ran from August 4th to 11th.