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  • Avoiding the Duryodhana Delusion
  • Mahabharata and Justice

    Mahabharata is specifically meant to help us understand  and appreciate the nuanced meanings and principles of dharma.  

  • Draupadi – Dishonored Yet Honorable

    Draupadi’s admirable character is revealed in the most humiliating incident of her life: her attempted disrobing by the wicked Dushasana. Though victimized in body, she refuses to be victimized in heart.

  • “The Queen’s Secret” Moves Audience to Tears and Laughter in Mayapur

    Queen Kunti and Prince Karna are the central characters of the drama, which portrays how Queen Kunti gave birth to Karna in her youth and then was forced to send him away and hide his existence. Their paths reunited many years later in the midst of the conflict between Kunti’s other sons, the Pandavas, and their cousins the Kauravas. 

  • Standing Rock: The American Kumbha Mela

    I want to acknowledge the boldness, heroism and humility exhibited by the US veterans, both men and women, and including Tulsi Gabbard -- a warrior and congresswoman. In solidarity, they joined the Native Americans and many others at Standing Rock. They are truly warriors and leaders.

  • Hanuman’s Quest CD Wins International Award

    Sankirtana Dasa, long time resident of New Vrindaban community, recently won a Storytelling World Resource Award for his dramatic storytelling CD Hanuman’s Quest. He is also a recipient of  a WV Artist Fellowship Award,  a National Endowment of the Arts Grant,  an Ohio River Border Initiative Grant, and a Next Generation Indie Book Award for his Mahabharata: The Eternal Quest.  

  • Card Game Legend of Vyas Immerses Players in Mahabharata

    Imagine if you could fight as the great warrior Arjuna, launching an attack with your Gandiva bow? And imagine if your friend, taking on the role of Karna, could counter-attack with his own bow, Vijay? Now you both can. It all came about when back in 2012, high school friends and huge gaming fans Varun Devanathan and Huren Sivaraj met to catch up.

  • Draupadi – Dishonored Yet Honorable

    Though victimized in body, Draupadi refuses to be victimized in her heart. Her exceptional character transforms the lowest point in her life into the highest point.

  • Mahabharata: The Condensed Version Available on Amazon as Free Download

    Torchlight Publishing is happy to announce the release today of a new e-book of the condensed version of the great epic, The Mahabharata by the world renown author Krishna Dharma. Mahabharata: The condensed version of the world’s greatest epic, is now available on As part of the release promotions, the book is free for 3 days from November 6 - 8 inclusive.

  • Draupadi by Ananda Monet, Jahnavi Harrison, Samadhi Dance Company

    'Draupadi - Born of Fire'' . Music/Vocals: Ananda Monet. Dancer: Vraja Sundari Keilman.

  • 'Inevitable Time' by Ananda Monet Featuring Samadhi Dance Company

    Inevitable Time album is available at as well as iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, CD Baby etc. More information about the album, pictures and other lyrics at

  • Inevitable Time - A New Album by Radha Krishna Records

    A new album by Ananda Monet published by Radha Krishna Records, London, UK.

  • The Mahabharata: A Documentary on Ancient History
  • Epic Inevitable Time Album Inspired By Mahabharata

    Radha Krishna Records, launched at Sri Sri Radha Londonisvara’s 40th anniversary in 2009, aims to release spiritual albums with high production values that will inspire appreciation for kirtan and a Krishna conscious message in a broad audience. Inevitable Time is mixed at Metropolis, a studio used by Madonna and Michael Jackson.

  • 'Inevitable Time' - Trailer

    Radha Krishna Records presents an enthralling journey into the epic Mahabharata. Dramatic contemporary music combined with meaningful ancient Sanskrit lyrics.

  • The Mahabharata (A Documentary)
  • Bhagavad Gita The Song of God

    Performance of the Song of God at the ISKCON Hare Krsna Temple in Granby Street, Leicester for Janmastami The Appearance day of Lord Krsna on 17th August 2014. With Sanjay Gadhia as Krsna and Jay Anadkat as Arjuna.

  • Mahabharat Historian Gets Research Reins

    “The stories of the Ramayan and the Mahabharat cannot be termed a-historical just because there is not enough archaeological hard evidence."

  • New Multimedia Mahabharata Released for the iPad Generation

    A new Mahabharata is being released as not just a book, but also bite-sized MP3 audio chapters and comic books downloadable onto your iPad, bringing continued interest in India’s spiritual classics into the 21st century. While author Sriram Raghavan is not an ISKCON member, ISKCON devotees may be interested in his bright, dynamic retelling of the ancient text, especially for their children.

  • Arjun: The Warrior Prince

    Arjun: The Warrior Prince. A Walt Disney Movie from 2012. In Hindi.

  • Was Bhima's Killing Duryodhan Unfair?

    Why did Bhima kill Duryodhana unfairly by hitting him below the waist during their final battle in the Mahabharata war?

  • 8,000 Year Old Indian City Irradiated by Atomic Blast

    Radiation still so intense, the area is highly dangerous. A heavy layer of radioactive ash in Rajasthan covers a three-square mile area, ten miles west of Jodhpur. 

  • Mahabharata: The Eternal Quest Gets Awarded

    Sankirtana Das disciple of A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada is a sacred storyteller, workshop leader and author of Mahabharata: The Eternal Quest. The book was recently awarded Finalist in 2014 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. He is interviewed by Lilasuka Devi Dasi, Communications Director at New Vrindaban.

  • Spiritual Anger Management

    The Mahabharata says that, while ordinary arrows cut us once, the arrow of our words ‘burn the heart day and night.’ This is poignantly true when the heated exchange is between near and dear ones, as is so often the case.

  • New Mahabharata TV Series in India

    STAR Plus TV in India is Introducing the central characters of Mahabharat, a new television series starting 16th September, 8:30 PM onwards.

  • Pro Storyteller Releases New ‘Fast-Paced’ Mahabharata

    Professional storyteller Sankirtana Das (Andy Fraenkel) has just published his own retelling of the great Vedic epic Mahabharata that stands out from the crowd with its unique fast-paced approach. The book, Mahabharata: The Eternal Quest, is the culmination of years of experience in the dramatic arts, as well as a long relationship with the Mahabharata.

  • 18 Days: The Tale of the Four Ages

    What is the history of the world of 18 Days? Find out the secret of the four ages as told to us by the cyber-sage Markandeya.

  • Servant Leaders
    True leaders function as servant leaders, uninterested in personal fame and selfish gain, but instead completely focused on bringing out the best in others. As Abraham Lincoln said “it’s amazing what you can achieve when you don’t care who gets the credit.”
  • Time To Ditch Bad Leaders
    The “last of the buffoon dictators” was one correspondent’s take on the death of Muamar Gaddafi. With his numerous outlandish costumes, opulent palace and corps of female Amazonian bodyguards he certainly cut a colourful figure as he paraded on the world stage. But his record on human rights was a black one.
  • Mythology, Media, and the Future of Hinduism
    In an age of terrorism, wars, and environmental degradation, the need for the tales of the gods is stronger than ever. The challenge for us is simply to tell them better.
  • Religious Wisdom For Facing Death

    One bit of profound advice that Socrates gave to his disciples was to practice dying everyday. Although this may sound impractical, the undertone to this insight is very useful -- to cultivate awareness of and face our deep-rooted insecurities, the epitome of which is death itself.

  • Plugging the Integrity Leak: Lessons from the Mahabharata
    Developing character and integrity requires time and investment. But without such a solid foundation, we can only expect more disasters like the BP oil spill.
  • Mahabharata Video Game in Production
    Canadian-based studio Syncere Arts is working on an action-adventure game based on the Mahabharata, an epic tale in Indian mythology. Mahabharata: The Dawn of Kaliyuga aims to let players feel as powerful as the ancient warriors while still providing a good challenge.