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Articles tagged as Manuscripts

  • Bhaktivedanta Research Centre Acquires Manuscripts From Advaita Acharya’s Line

    The Bhaktivedanta Research Centre in Kolkata has added some new treasures to its vast library of over 15,000 works that includes many important and rare works by Vaishnava acharyas. Amongst the recent acquisitions are seven hand-written manuscripts donated by Sri Sanjay Goswami of Vrindavan, a 14th generation descendent from Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s intimate associate Sri Advaita Acharya.

  • On a Mission to Save Sanskrit’s Best
    A vast corpus of knowledge lies hidden in Sanskrit, a language many consider dead. Now, the faculty at Kuppuswami Sastri Research Institute (Chennai, India), a non-profit educational institution, is going to excavate it, and make it available for the institute's members.
  • Bhaktivedanta Research Centre Expands Library to 15,000 Works
    The library catalog of the Bhaktivedanta Research Centre (BRC) in Kolkata, India—which opened in June 2009 and aims to be an easily accessible resource of all Gaudiya Vaishnava literature—has expanded from 3,500 titles in October 2010 to an amazing 15,000 works today.
  • Scholars Chase Bible’s Changes, One Verse at a Time
    Bible scholars in New Orleans are buried in a 20-year project to codify the thousands of changes, verse by verse, word by word — even letter by letter — that crept into the early New Testament during 
hundreds of years of laborious hand-copying.
  • An Ancient Power
    I pondered how Srila Prabhupada's books continue to change lives to this very day, even though he's no longer on the planet.