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Articles tagged as Modesty

  • Individual and Social Growth

    We all wish to grow both individually and socially. Unfortunately, we sometimes adopt unwittingly an approach that backfires on both fronts.

  • “Wrapped Up”—New Books Counter Over-Sexualized Girls
    Media expert Teresa Tomeo says the release of her latest book collaboration, Wrapped Up: God’s Ten Gifts for Women, is timely and needed more than ever in a society where girls as young as six years old begin to sexualize themselves, according to a recent study from Knox College in Illinois.
  • Muslim Weightlifter's Wish To Wear Modest Clothing Triggers Rules Debate
    Kulsoom Abdullah is a 35-year-old with a doctorate in electrical and computer engineering. But it's her passion outside of work that has put her at the center of a debate - one that could affect athletic competitions worldwide, even the Olympics.