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  • Recording the Hare Krishna Mantra with George Harrison

    From Martin Scorsese's documentary George Harrison: Living in the Material World

  • Mukunda Goswami Shares Memories On 50th Anniversary of Mantra-Rock Dance

    On Sunday January 29th in a special program at the New Govardhana Farm in Murwillambah, Australia, Mukunda Goswami shared memories of the Mantra-Rock Dance he helped organize fifty years ago on January 29th 1967. The Mantra-Rock Dance concert was a key event in both ISKCON’s early growth and in the counterculture scene of the time, and commemorating it is an important part of ISKCON’s 50th anniversary celebrations. 

  • 50th Celebrations at the Sydney Opera House Attract Devotees from Around the World

    ISKCON’s 50th Anniversary was commemorated in style in Sydney, Australia from August 19 to 21 with a weekend of celebrations. The weekend’s events started on Friday night with Bhakti Film Fest and a patron’s dinner. The highlight of the weekend was a theatrical, musical, and multimedia performance at the iconic Sydney Opera House with 800people attending two performances.

  • Do We Care? - Australia’s First Home for Cow Protection

    In the 21st century more and more emphasis is being placed on the protection of animals, the reduction of violence towards animals, changes in the consumption of animals as food for humanity and the understanding that animals are sentient beings possessing feelings and emotions. In fact the rights of our animal brothers and sisters are being discussed and debated within society as never before. A new booklet is an offering written by Mukunda Goswami and Mandira Mani Dasi and an important contribution to this worldwide change of consciousness toward animals.

  • Sydney Opera House ISKCON 50 Event Sells Out in Three Days

    Back in January 1967, Mukunda Goswami was instrumental in putting on The Mantra Rock Dance in San Francisco, a key counter-cultural event of its time that put Srila Prabhupada and his disciples on the map. Now, nearly fifty years later, he has been a driving force in organizing the hugely ambitious Transcendental Journey, a spectacular show at Australian landmark the Sydney Opera House in celebration of ISKCON’s 50th anniversary.

  • Mukunda Goswami Returns Home After Five Weeks in Hospital

    After receiving both triple bypass heart surgery and hip surgery, his Holiness Mukunda Goswami has returned safely home to ISKCON’s New Govardhana farm in New South Wales, Australia. His occupational therapists expect him to be “back to his normal self in no time.”

  • Latest Update on Mukunda Goswami's Recovery

    Mukunda Goswami is making a slow but steady recovery from his two surgeries. On November 6, Mukunda Maharaja was transferred from Gold Coast University hospital to the rehabilitation facility of Murwillumbah hospital, which is a 15-minute drive from New Govardhan farm community. In the next 12 days that followed, the local medical staff have been doing their best to gradually encourage Mukunda Goswami towards complete recovery.

  • Update on Mukunda Goswami's Recovery

    On November 2nd, Mukunda Goswami was shifted from ICU to back to the  Coronary Care Unit, where his operating cardio surgeon, orthopaedic surgeon and medical team daily check on him.  Mukunda Maharaja’s medical condition is improving, although he still is in a lot of pain, aggravated by the need to sit up in a chair for his lungs rather than lie down in bed.

  • Mukunda Goswami Is Recovering After Bypass and Hip Surgery

    His Holiness Mukunda Goswami, an ISKCON pioneer, guru, and one of Srila Prabhupada’s very first disciples, has undergone a successful triple-bypass surgery after suffering a heart-attack. However devotees worldwide are still praying intensely as he prepares to undergo another high risk surgery on his hip tomorrow (Thursday October 29th). 

  • Mukunda Goswami’s New E-book Spirit Matters Released

    Mukunda Goswami’s new book Spirit Matters has been released by Torchlight Publishing is now available as e-book for free download for 3 days only on dates May 11-13. The book is a compilation of Mukunda Goswami’s articles published in the Hindustan Times discussing topics related to war, peace and love.

  • The Long Arm of the Media

    The influence of the media cannot be underestimated in democracies and even in non-democratic regions. Whether we are killed or kissed, the media dominion will have its impact on our lives.

  • Making of "My sweet Lord" by George Harrison

    Shyamasundar describes how George, Billy Preston and Jim Keltner first played him "My sweet Lord".

  • “Unity in Diversity”: A Consummation Devoutly to be Wished

    In many ways, ISKCON is becoming increasingly diverse. Some of the many examples of this variety include the varying styles of ISKCON temple architecture, also approaches to education, the environment, interfaith, health, technology are many and varied. However, there is unity among ISKCON temples: they smell the same, their Deity worship is the same, their mood is the same, and their books are the same.

  • Mukunda Goswami's Book Wins Prestigious Book Award

    Mukunda Goswami's Miracle on Second Avenue has won a prestigious book award in the United States. Each year the National Indie Excellence Book Awards are given out in many categories to the best books by independent publishing houses.

  • Mukunda Goswami: Miracle on Second Avenue

    Mukunda Goswami talks about why he thinks it was a miracle that ISKCON was born, what he personally witnessed and played an active role in, on New York City's 2nd Avenue in the late 1960's.

    His book has been highly praised by senior ISKCON devotees as well as scholars of Hinduism from all over the world, and it is available at

  • Sentimental Spirituality Suffocates the Soul
    The Bhagwat Purana instructs that `Both by rising and by setting, the sun decreases the duration of life of everyone`, and that this holds true for all, except for those who utilise their time meditating and discussing topics of God.
  • Mukunda Goswami on Miracle on Second Avenue
  • The George Harrison Documentary: Interview With Mukunda Goswami
    Recently, ISKCON spiritual master Mukunda Goswami was featured in the documentary George Harrison: Living In The Material World, directed by Academy Award-winning director Martin Scorsese. Mukunda Goswami talks about the filming and his relationship with the ex-Beatle.
  • The Art Of Dying Is Knowing How To Live
    Soren Kirkegaard said that people lead lives of 'quiet desperation'. This existential thinking indicates that happiness is only skin deep, and fun is but a passing frisson -- a glimmer, a shiver, an instant high, and that our real situation is one of ongoing anguish.
  • George Harrison: Recording the Hare Krishna Mantra

    Excerpt srom Martin Scorsese's documentary George Harrison: Living in the Material World.

  • Alexander the Great and the Thief
    Alexander came upon an Indian thief whom he got arrested and brought before him. A conversation ensued in which the recidivist reminded Alexander, a former pupil of Aristotle, that the renowned chieftain was himself a thief.
  • Four New Books From Torchlight Publishing
    Torchlight Publishing is pleased to annouce the arrival of the four new devotional titles: Miracle on Second Avenue by Mukunda Goswami, Namacharya - The Life of Srila Haridasa Thakura by Rupa-Vilasa Dasa, Chanting Hare Krishna aselections from Srila Prabhupada’s books, lectures, conversations, and letters, and A God Who Dances - Krishna for You by Kalakantha Dasa.
  • Life's Twisted Tale Has A Bright Side
    George Lucas says in reference to his creation Star Wars: 'I was trying to say in a simple way that there is a God and there is both a good side and a bad side. You have a choice between them, but the world works better if you're on the good side.'
  • Aussie Devotees Bring the Delicious to Byron Bay Bluesfest
    ISKCON devotees in Australia have set up shop to serve delicious prasadam at the week-long music festival Bluefest for the seventh time this year, from Thursday April 21st to Tuesday April 26th. A champion since 1990 of diverse music genres such as Blues and Roots, Latino Music, and African music, this year’s festival will see Bob Dylan headlining on its two final days.
  • The Religious Angle To Evolutionary Theory
    Theories based on Darwin, which embrace survival of the fittest and amorality, are intellectually and spiritually restrictive, and cannot co-exist rationally with full knowledge of God.
  • Mukunda Goswami’s “Miracle on Second Avenue” Set for June Release

    ISKCON guru Mukunda Goswami’s long-awaited memoir of the early days of the Hare Krishna Movement in New York, San Francisco, and London—entitled Miracle on Second Avenue—was ceremonially “offered” to the Deities of Sri-Sri Pancha-Tattva at ISKCON’s headquarters in Mayapur, West Bengal on February 23rd.

  • Is It Legit To Lift?
    If the past has anything to teach us, one lesson might be that plagiarism is alive and well. Ancient news, even that of messiahs, is like a light ray, pure in the beginning but subject to distortion over time. Greed and anger are like magnetic fields that warp the messages like Chinese whisper.
  • Language Matters

    The manner in which we communicate is deeply entrenched in monetary and marketing terminology. Money is often the ultimate measure of success, and the desire to sell goods permeates our language.

  • Is It Better To Be In Chains Than To Be Free?
    Is history the result of personal endeavor? Are we ruled by karma and controlled by the stars and planets, the shapes of our bodies, the lines in our hands, or are we the architects of our destiny?
  • Walking On The Waters Of Faith
    The year is 1925; the time 1:00 am. Niagara Falls has frozen over. The silence is so deafening that thousands have to see what`s up. The roar has ceased, and the people must discover what`s gone wrong. No sound! Sound. Love or hate it, it`s all around.
  • Hare Krishna 1967 - San Francisco

    Comment by Mukunda Goswami:

    “I was responsible for popularizing this Hare Krishna melody. A group of us recorded it in 1967 in Oakland, California (USA), and when the 45 rpm record was printed, we played it for Srila Prabhupada. It contained cascading sitar embellishments. Srila Prabhupada approved.”