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  • New Vrajamandala, Spain Temporarily Closes Due to COVID-19 Cases

    Temple President Yadunandana Swami writes, “Considering that several devotees have tested positive for COVID-19, the Board of Directors and the Council of Department Leaders have decided to close Nueva Vrajamandala to the public most probably until the end of October."

  • European ISKCON Youth Leaders' meeting in New Vraja Mandala

    35 ISKCON devotees from 25 European countries gathered for three days to overview the existing and future possibilities to help young devotees to develop their full potential, and opportunities within the existing Erasmus+ framework. 

  • European Communications Conference Day 1 Focuses on ISKCON and the Environment

    Around sixty devotees from across Europe and the US have gathered in New Vrajamandala in Spain, to participate in the European Communications Conference running from 27th - 30th May.

  • Spanish Holy Name Festival Bonds Devotees

    About 140 devotees from Spain, Portugal, Holland, the UK and Russia bonded in calling out to Lord Krishna during the third annual Holy Name Festival in Spain this summer. The festival ran from August 11th 14th in Srila Prabhupada’s Gardens at the New Vrajamandala farm.

  • Instituto De Estudios Bhaktivedanta Supports Spanish Farm
    “If it works out well, the New Vraja Mandala model—where large, underused ISKCON properties are supported and utilized by educational projects—can be replicated in other places,” says Yadunandana Swami.
  • The Glories of Nueva Vraja Mandala, Spain
    There is a very special holy place located in central Spain about 100 kilometers east of Madrid, Spain's capital city. Nueva Vrajamandala: although it is a great struggle to maintain such a farm, the community is rich in both spirit and in devotional service.
  • ISKCON European Farm Conference Held at New Vrajamandala, Spain
    25 ISKCON devotees took part in the farm conference hosted at New Vrajamandala, Spain on the 7th to 9th of May, 2012. The conference participants heard a number of presentations on a diverse range of topics such as on a business selling wheat grass juice, on how to treat cow`s eye cancer successfully, or what European grants are available for ISKCON farms.
  • ISKCON Spain Inaugurates Instituto De Estudios Bhaktivedanta
    Seventy devotees attended the inauguration of Instituto De Estudios Bhaktivedanta—or “Institute of Bhaktivedanta Studies”—in New Vraja Mandala, Spain, on April 8th. Although it’s not the first Spanish-language educational program in ISKCON, the Institute is the first fully residential, structured Institute for spiritual studies offered to the Spanish-speaking world.
  • 2011 New Year Festival in New Vrajamandala, Spain
    From the 30th of December a four day spiritual New Year`s Party will be held in New Vrajamandala, Spain. Every evening there will be bhajan by the Radhadesh Mellows group who visits there for the first time, as well as mantra rock by Tirtha Kirti Das and Jaya Shakti Das (UNDROP).