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  • New Zealand Devotees Feed Thousands During Auckland Lockdown

    Prasadam meals are distributed in the city, in all the suburbs around Auckland, and to homeless people in “community hubs,” as well as those who cannot work due to lockdown. Meals are also dropped off at the door of Starship Children’s Hospital for staff to distribute.

  • New Zealand Devotees Plan Harinama in Auckland Suburbs for Prabhupada’s 125th Anniversary

    On Saturday August 21st, devotees from the ISKCON Auckland congregation in New Zealand will hold Harinama Sankirtana in multiple suburbs around Auckland, as well as on the city’s main thoroughfare Queen Street in celebration.

  • Lives of Service: The Kalasamvara Das Interview

    Kalasamvara Das is one of the most joyful, ecstatic and dedicated devotees we’ve had the fortune to speak to. We hope you enjoy this chat with him!

  • Devotee Graffiti Artist Brings Positive Influence to Youths’ Lives

    When 13-year-old Josh Menheere first noticed graffiti around the surf town where he grew up in Queensland, Australia, and learned techniques from his cousin who was dating a graffiti artist, he didn’t know that one day his own street art would spread spiritual consciousness and positively influence other kids’ lives.

  • ISKCON Community’s Response to the Massacre in Christchurch, New Zealand

    The horrific massacre that unfolded in Christchurch New Zealand on Friday 15th March, in which to date 50 human beings have lost their lives, is truly a very dark moment in history, not only for Muslims but for all who treasure the gift of life. 

  • Krishna Holi and Food Festival Attract 16,000 to Auckland Farm

    The Food Festival, a brand new event capitalizing on people’s love for Hare Krishna Food, came on Saturday February 9th. A beautiful blue summer’s day in New Zealand, it saw blue and white tents, a stage and colorful flags dotted around the farm. 

  • New Zealand Charity Plans to Provide 1.2 Million School Lunches Annually

    To feed 6000 kids every day for a school year of 40 weeks, the charity would produce 1.2 million meals annually.

  • New Christchurch Temple Celebrates 1st Anniversary

    Back in February 2011, a 6.3 magnitude earthquake had completely destroyed the temple they had called home since 1986, the 130-year-old Bealy Manor. Even more heartbreakingly, during the quake the devotees’ beloved Deities, Sri Sri Nitai Gaurachandra had fallen and shattered to pieces.

  • Auckland Devotees Celebrate Radha Giridhari's 45th Anniversary With Huge Harinama in City Center

    Over the Easter Weekend from Friday April 14th to Sunday April 16th, hundreds of devotees at ISKCON Auckland celebrated the 45th anniversary of their Deities, Sri Sri Radha-Giridhari, with love and great pomp. The celebrations included a massive and stunningly colorful Harinama on Queen Street in the center of Auckland.

  • Krishna Holi in New Zealand
  • New Zealand Temple Reborn After 2011 Earthquake

    There are going to be a lot of tears and smiles in Christchurch, New Zealand from March 3rd to 5th. During what’s set to be an emotional three-day festival, devotees will see their brand new temple open after their old one was destroyed in a devastating 2011 earthquake. And they’ll see their beloved deities, Nitai Gaurachandra, reappear after being smashed to pieces in the disaster. Devotees first purchased Bealy Manor in 1983, and opened it as a temple in January 1986.

  • Haka Greets ISKCON Auckland's Special Guest at 50th Event

    The special guests of the 50th Anniversary events at ISKCON Auckland, New Zealad, were greeted with a traditional Maori greeting, followed by a Haka. Then they were all then invited to garland Srila Prabhupada.

  • The Object of Meditation | Devamrita Swami

    Meditation is popular, but what are we choosing to meditate on? A video by Spirit Matters. (Please give the video a like and share it on your social media pages and also have a look at other videos made by Spirit Matters! You can find them on or

  • Marc Ellis Joins the Hare Krishnas

    Rugby personality Marc Ellis spends 3 days at the Hare Krishna Temple in Riverhead, Auckland, New Zealand.

  • “Spirit Matters”: The Importance of Outreach Videos

    Spirit Matters a new YouTube channel developed by ISKCON devotees in New Zealand aims to give people insights into a more conscious way of living. The idea is to make it easy for people to learn about aspects of bhakti-yoga, mantra meditation and Krishna conscious living, and become inspired to enquire further about the knowledge they contain.

  • New Zealand Grants a River the Rights of Personhood

    In a landmark case for the Rights of Nature, officials in New Zealand recently granted the Whanganui, the nation's third-longest river, with legal personhood.

  • New Zealand: Hare Krishna Yasoda Dulal Embarks on a Year's Pilgrimage

    When John Herbison (Yasoda Dulal) said goodbye to his wife before setting off on a walk,  he didn't say "I'll see you later", it was "I'll be back in about a year". The devout Hare Krishna of 30 years has set out on a pilgrimage to mark the 50th anniversary of the Hare Krishna Society's arrival in the western world.

  • Kirtan: Meditation with a Bang

    A short video to give a people a taste of kirtan. For more videos please visit www.enoughmagazine.orgThis video was produced by Bhakti Lounge -

  • How Can We Really Help People?

    It is very common to find people who want to love, care and help in a world where suffering is so prominent. But to motivate those people to become truly qualified to love, care and help, that's where society seems to come up short. (Produced by Bhakti Lounge, Wellington, New Zealand.)

  • A 20 Year Headache

    The Story of Muni Cari, a devotee who suffered a serious car accident. A short documentary by Leigha Speirs-Hutton, Catherine Moreau-Hammond, Marah Roque and Tom MacGregor.

  • Goloka Education Releases Sanskrit Curriculum for Primary Schools

    Goloka Education, a company established in New Zealand and now based in Mumbai, India, is just about to publish the second printing of its Samskrta Vidyarambhah Part 1, the first volume in its new Sanskrit Curriculum for primary schools.

  • New Zealand’s Kuli Mela Aims for Unity, Love and Devotion

    Kuli Mela has already hit the US, Europe, Russia and Australia. And now, the festival that aims to unite and inspire those who have grown up in the Hare Krishna movement is coming to New Zealand.

  • New Zealand PM Shows Deep Appreciation at ISKCON Auckland Visit
    The visit was the result of a long-gestating friendship with temple president Kalasamvara Dasa. This June, as he was visiting local schools in the area, the Prime Minister finally had the chance to visit the ISKCON community for one hour.
  • Followers Leading the Way
    Professional soccer player John Howie gave it all up to pursue a life as a Hare Krishna. He is originally from Scotland and was playing for the Melbourne George Cross soccer team. He was so intrigued by the group that he became a vegetarian, following the Hare Krishna principal of karma and not harming a living animal.
  • In Pursuit of Purity
    It will be a draining week for the three devotees, particularly Charan, considered the spiritual leader of Hamilton's 16 initiated Hare Krishna.
  • Devotees Safe, But Temple Damaged in New Zealand Quake
    It seemed like just another peaceful mangala arati ceremony for the devotees at the ISKCON temple in Christchurch, New Zealand, when the 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck.
  • New Zealand Performers Make Philosophy Go Down Easy
    A group of ISKCON devotees and congregational members at the New Varshana Farm near Auckland, New Zealand—calling themselves the ISKCON Performing Arts Program—demonstrate how powerful the arts are as a medium to introduce people to the path of Bhakti Yoga.
  • Celebrity Sports Star Joins ISKCON New Zealand for Reality Show

    A year ago, New Zealand's sport and television celebrity Marc Ellis began filming "How the Other Half Lives", a reality program that focuses on breaking down the religious and cultural stereotypes of New Zealand minority groups. He opened the series with a feature on Auckland's semi-rural ISKCON community and cast himself as a participating member for a few days.

  • New Zealand's Krishna Lunches Gaining in Popularity
    Food which is "good for the body, good for the soul" and costs just $3 has been increasing in popularity due to the current economic crisis. Hare Krishna $3 lunches have been available at the Otago University Students Association Clubs and Societies building for more than 10 years.
  • New Zealand Monk Teaches Philosophy of Life
    Hriman Krishna Das was smiling on Kerikeri main street. He stopped me, hurrying past, not to sell the books he was carrying or conduct a survey or collect membership to a group or religion but to share what he describes as universal information about life.
  • Hare Krishnas Help Kiwis Survive Big Day Out

    This year's sell out Big Day Out looks likely to be the best ever. Veteran Chris Schulz has some tips for surviving New Zealand's biggest music festival. What do you think of this year's Big Day Out line-up? Got any tips for those heading to this year's sold out event? Send us your feedback and we'll publish your comments.