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  • ISKCON Brahmapur’s Permanent Book Store at Railway Station for ISKCON 50

    “The sign above the book store says: one book will change your life,” commented Pancharatna Das. “All of us know that Srila Prabhupada’s books have transformed the hearts and minds of millions of people around the world. We hope that our humble offering to Srila Prabhupada in the 50th anniversary year of ISKCON will please His Divine Grace by increasing book distribution and generating more publicity for ISKCON.”

  • Bhumi Puja at ISKCON’s Jagannath Puri Project

    After years of struggles of various types, including having to overcome a number of legal hurdles, ISKCON has inaugurated the beginning of a grand project at Jagannath Puri by performing the bhumi puja and installation of Ananta Shesha on the 18 acre ISKCON project land in a grand ceremony.

  • November Puri Parikrama Still Accepts Registration

    This year's Jagannath Puri parikrama will be from the 27th to the 30th November. The parikrama usually consists of a majority of Hindi and Bengali speaking devotees, so this year the organizers have decided to have an even bigger international group specifically for English speaking devotees.

  • ISKCON’s Tribal Care Initiative Reaches Out to Tribal People of India

    The Initiative is currently focusing on the Munda and Sauntala tribes of the state of Orissa, the Karbi and Dimasar tribes of Assam, the Riang and Tripuri tribes of Tripura, the Mizo tribes of Mizoram, and the Naga tribes of Nagaland.

  • Nilachala Mahaprabhu

    A historic film from Bengal, produced in 1957.

  • ISKCON Feeds Nearly 30,000 Victims of Cyclone Phailin

    Two weeks after Cyclone Phailin struck Odisha (formerly Orissa) and Andhra Pradesh at 140 mph, the Eastern Indian states are still reeling. Doing its part to help, ISKCON Food Relief Foundation -- which delivers healthy vegetarian meals to 1.2 million underprivileged school children around India every day -- flew members into Odisha on October 15th.

  • ISKCON Feeds and Cares For Victims of Cyclone Phailin

    When Cyclone Phailin hit the Eastern Indian states everyone feared the worst. Fifteen years ago, a storm of similar power, killed 10,000 people. But this time, the government took serious precautionary measures by evacuating 900,000 people to shelters. Still, the situation is serious. To provide aid, ISKCON Food Relief Foundation joined forces with ISKCON Juhu and Chowpatty in Mumbai.

  • Lord Jagannatha Preaches Equality
    A hidden jewel in Hindu culture and spirituality: a story of Lord Jagannatha, which may sound very surprising to Westerners, especially who had the experience of being denied entry to the famous Temple in Puri.
  • Sri Mayapur International School Performs In Orissa

    Recently, 35 students from Sri Mayapur International School performed a pandal program for the pleasure of Sri Sri Krishna Balarama at the Chandan yatra festival at Sri Sri Krishna Balarama Mandir, ISKCON Bhubaneswar. They were accompanied on their travels by parents and teachers.

  • ISKCON Bhubaneswar Lays Cornerstone For “Sri Gundicha” Temple
    On March 24th, the Appearance Day of Lord Rama, ISKCON guru Bhakti Charu Swami laid the sanctified corner stone of ISKCON Bhubaneswar’s forthcoming Jagannath temple called “Sri Gundicha.”
  • Oriya Vaishnava Dance Troupe Holds India Spellbound
    BHUBANESWAR: The all-conquering members of the Oriya dance troupe 'Prince' -- comprising daily wage earners -- may now justly expect a reception fit for kings. Since the moment Bollywood star Rani Mukherjee announced that the dancers from far-flung Ganjam district in Orissa were the winners of the TV reality show, "India's Got Talent", everybody and his brother in the state is doing a jig.
  • Dhanu Yatra: Largest Open Air Ethnic Theatre
    Odisha is not only a land of magnificent monuments and natural beauties but also a land of colourful fairs and festivals. Every season in Odisha has a variety of occasions to celebrate. In fact, our festivals are as numerous as the days in the year, each with a difference. They unfold a vista of age-old traditions and customs, rites and rituals, dance and delicacies.
  • As India's Election Nears, Anti-Christian Violence Picks Up

    NEW DELHI -- Anti-Christian violence that started in a remote corner of eastern India last month is breaking out in other states and is expected to spread further ahead of nationwide elections to be held in the next few months. In the past week in Karnataka, the southern Indian state that is home to India's high-technology capital of Bangalore, at least 17 attacks have been reported on churches and prayer halls, according to local Christian groups, independent monitors and police.

  • Jagannath Temple Reforms Result in Income Increases, Sale of Land
    The Sri Jagannath temple in Puri, India, has seen an increase in revenue over the past two years due to recent administrative reforms, but the temple also intends to dispose of tens of thousands of acres of land that is currently in unauthorized use by others.