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  • Discovering Krisna’s Will During Czech Padayatra 2021

    Devotees from across Europe joined in the 2021 summer Czech Padayatra festival for a two-week-long walk across 110 kilometers from Susice to Pisek in the southwestern region of the Czech Republic. 

  • Padayatra Nepal Gets Under Way

    A two-devotee padayatra in Nepal are currently heading West through the lowlands towards Janakpur dhama, the birthplace of Sita, the consort of Lord Rama.

  • Padayatra Embarks on 7th Pan-India Tour from Dwarka

    January 6th, 2021, marked the start of the All-India Padayatra’s (pilgrimage) seventh grand march around India, including the char dham yatra. 

  • Second Annual Vaishnavi Padayatra Addresses Violence to Women

    The matajis of ISKCON Amravati walked for 8km and participated in dramas, sankirtana and other activities along the way.

  • Padayatra Spreads Holy Names Throughout Lithuania

    The group traveled a total of 1,000 kilometers by bus, starting in Kedainiai in the middle of the country, and ending in the resort city of Palanga on the West Coast. Along the way, they stopped in eleven cities, putting on two events each day.

  • Amravati Witnesses First ISKCON Vaishnavi Padayatra

    On March 10, International Women’s Day, the Amravati, Maharashtra, ISKCON Girls’ Forum (IGF) successfully completed the movement’s inaugural Vaishnavi one-day padayatra.

  • ISKCON50 UK Padayatra: A Pilgrimage for Peace

    The  UK Padayatra starting on May 30th, will be emphasising the theme of cow protection, self-sufficiency, a simple way of life in tune with nature and the will of the Lord, and love for all living entities. The planned route is from Hastings to Brighton via Eastbourne which is a sum total of under 40 miles which will be walked by us over a period of 5 days which averages out at 8 miles a day. 

  • Ahmedabad Holds 5-Day Padayatra for ISKCON’s 50th

    Between March 2014 and the end of 2016 – ISKCON’s 50th anniversary year – the Padayatra Worldwide Ministry is aiming to hold 50 padayatras. 

  • 50 Padayatras Offered Worldwide for ISKCON’s 50th

    Fifty padayatras – traditionally a journey on foot accompanied by kirtan and spiritual book distribution – are being offered to Srila Prabhupada.

  • New Zealand: Hare Krishna Yasoda Dulal Embarks on a Year's Pilgrimage

    When John Herbison (Yasoda Dulal) said goodbye to his wife before setting off on a walk,  he didn't say "I'll see you later", it was "I'll be back in about a year". The devout Hare Krishna of 30 years has set out on a pilgrimage to mark the 50th anniversary of the Hare Krishna Society's arrival in the western world.

  • Fifty Padayatras to Celebrate ISKCON’s Fiftieth Anniversary

    ISKCON’s Padayatra Ministry has been active since its creation in 1991, and padayatras (walking festivals, usually with bullock carts) are  still happening today in different parts of the world. The Ministry's goal is to celebrate  ISKCON’s 50th birthday with 50 padayatras, starting from March 2014  till the end of 2016.  

  • The Nectar of the Padayatra
  • Report from the Camino: Holy Walk in Spain
    Everything started eight years ago when Dharma Raja Das set out on an adventure with ISKCON youth groups of that time. The group walked 220 kilometers through the north of Spain, and was thoroughly inspired.
  • Slovenia’s “Eco Caravan” Celebrates Tenth Jubilee
    Over sixty devotees from sixteen different countries participated in the 10th Jubilee Slovenian Padayatra festival, also known as Eco Caravan, from June 28th to July 15th this summer.
  • Spanish Devotees Walk St. James’ Way for Interfaith Adventure
    Seventy ISKCON devotees from Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, and the UK are set to participate in a 220-kilometer Padayatra, or Holy Walk from July 15th to 28th this summer. Their path? The famous Christian pilgrimage route El Camino de Santiago, or St. James’ Way, in Northwest Spain.
  • Pada Yatra in Spain: A New Meaning to Camino de Santiago
    The Camino de Santiago (the Santiago Path) in Spain is famous for attracting many people who say they are going through their spiritual search when they walk that re-known route. ISKCON devotees decided to also walk that sacred route in order to share with the other pilgrims the Holy Names of Krishna.
  • Slovenian Pada Yatra: The Eco-Caravan
    A few days ago, Slovenian devotees started their 9th annual pada-yatra festival called Eco-caravan 2010.
  • Slovenian Spiritual Eco-Walk Reaches Ninth Year
    This July 8th, devotees from New Yogapitha in Slovenia completed Eco-Caravan 2009, their sixteen-day padayatra—literally translated as “festival on foot.” The cross-country pilgrimage, aimed at spreading spiritual and environmental awareness, was their eighth in a row. The pilgrimage got off to a strong start with over seventy devotees chanting Hare Krishna, dancing, and distributing spiritual books and food.
  • ISKCON Guyana Revives Walking Festival

    Through the revival efforts of Ram-Lila Dasa and a host of other members from the ISKCON community in Guyana, Padayatra once again graced the village streets of Guyana from January 26 – February 1. During this week long festival, devotees, well wishers, and enthusiastic onlookers covered approximately 40 kilometers through some of the most populated villages en route to Georgetown, the capital city of Guyana.

  • UK Hare Krishna Monk’s Pedal Pilgrimage
    In 2007 and 2008 so far, Hare Krishna monk Robert Edwards has traveled 1,290 miles across the rural English counties of Somerset and Devon, hosted 25 meditation groups, and distributed over 1,000 books. His adventure is inspired by the ancient Indian tradition of “Padayatra,” meaning pilgrimage on foot.